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Thursday, October 3, 2013

UMW Toyota Launches The All New Toyota Vios. Prices Starts From RM 73,200 to RM93,200

Yesterday, UMW Toyota Motors Sdn Bhd has finally unveiled its all new 3rd generation Toyota Vios at downtown Kuala Lumpur. The locally assemble Toyota Vios were featured with a total of five variants mainly J(Auto and Manual), E (Auto), G (Auto) and the top of the line TRD Sportive (Auto).

To date, UMW Toyota have sold more than 265,000 units of Toyota Vios from its 1st generation and this ride of success can be seen on this new model where it has garned more than 8000 bookings to date. This new Vios was developed with the concept of "Value Beyond Belief" where it continues to the same attributes of its predecessor which is fuel economy, low cost of maintenance, quality, durability and reliability and value for money.

The all new Vios has adopted a new "Keen Look" front end design which gives a more dynamic look and having a more sculptured 3D design. The width of the body of this new model has grown up by 110mm and the roofline is also 15mm higher. While most of the overall dimension has grown up, the wheelbase of the car still remains at 2550mm. Even though the wheelbase remains un changed, improvement has been made inside the cabin with the front passenger seat is now thinner but giving the same support thus releasing more legroom and knee room for the rear passenger.

The headlamp of the all new Vios features a standard manual leveling adjusted headlamp with the lower end variant (J and E) features reflector headlamp while the higher end variant (G and TRD Sportivo) features projector headlamp as standard. Beside the new headlamp, the rear combi lamp also features a wrap around design with the rear bumper corner rise towards the lamps which emphasize the wide feel of the whole rear body and providing a more solid look.

The boffin at Toyota also has redesign the roof of the car which is now features a catamaran shape that function to help streamline the airflow over the top of the car benefiting acceleration and also fuel economy. The same roof design can be seen on other Toyota models such as the Prius C and also the Toyota Prius. Other aerodynamic enhancement features in the all new Vios includes small aero stablising fins that has been added on the side mirror body attachment and also at the side of the rear tail lamps where this will help vortices exert pressure to stablise the car's posture, enhancing straight line stability.
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