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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Here Comes The Ferrari 599 GTO!!! Feast Your Eyes And Ears...

To all Ferrari lovers out there, feast your eyes and ears for the melodic sound coming out from the exhaust of the new Ferrari 599 GTO. Turn up the volume as loud as you can as it would make you feel wanting for more. Enjoy the video as I do.

Proton To Launch 25th Anniversary Special Edition Car Soon!!!

July is around the corner now and Proton’s 25th Anniversary celebration is very near. As been presented by Proton’s MD Dato’ Syed Zainal Abidin, a special 25th Anniversary Edition car will be launch to mark this jubilee celebration.

I have a privilege to view this car and what I can say the car is very special especially the Proton Exora. Each car will not be churning out from the normal production line, but instead it will be built by a separate group under Proton division. The special edition car will be built on 3 most sellable models under the Proton’s stable which are the Persona, Saga and the Exora.

All the 3 models will bear the same colour scheme inside and outside which is different compared to the normal car being produce under proton’s current production. The most noticeable difference will be the Exora with the most changes happens on the inside of the car and some subtle changes on the outside of the car. To me, if you do have spare cash in hand and you are looking to buy a MPV, this would be the one for you, as the car has been transformed to offer a very luxurious cabin and the changes on the outside too would definitely makes you unique compared to the other Exora owners.

As for the Persona and Saga, the changes are also noticeable on the inside with the Persona being offered a new alloy wheel design which looks way better then the Persona Elegance that were launched few months back.

Each car also will bear a special name plate on the inside of car with a special touch from the advisor of Proton “Tun Mahathir Mohamad”. I won’t spill the beans anymore about the car, but what I can say, if there is no major changes to the car that I have the privilege to look at, it would be a very special car to mark this event and it would make you feel very special to own this car. Watch out this space as I will update you about this car when it is launch.

Audi A1 Art Car By Damien Hirst!!!

Seems like the aura of “The Next Big Thing” continues with a special auction item of Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball on Thursday night June 24th with a brand new Audi A1 art car painted by the famous Briton’s Damien Hirst as the showcases of the night.

The car manage to fetch a whopping £350,000 or about US$522,500 and all the proceeds from the auction will be channelled to The Elton John AIDS Foundation, one of the 10 largest AIDS foundations in the world which managed over £14 million in programmes across 15 countries.

Dedicated Dacia/Renault Worker Tries To Fix A Door Problem

A really dedicated worker of Dacia’s Romanian factory trying to fix a problem with the Right Hand Side (RHS) Rear Door of what looks like a Dacia Sandero hatchback.

This workers seems have tried to pull all the skills he have from repeatedly tapping the locks with a mallet, slamming the door in numerous ways and try to pull the door down but it seems like the door won’t close properly.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spy Videos of BMW M5 Sedan, M6 and 6 series Convertibles!!

Another set of video especially for you readers of Auto Insider Malaysia. The video features the all new 2011 M5 sedan, M6 Coupe and also the 6 series convertibles. As you can see the shots of the new M5 sedan, it does look good and the sound of the engines is very desirable. It also shows how fast and massive torque is being churn out from the engine as some rumours has inform that the M5 and M6 features a V8 turbo that produce more than 555hp and 680Nm of torque. Did you notice the SLS AMG Gullwing in this video? My suspect is that, BMW is doing some benchmarking test between the M5 and M6 and now we know what are the set targets of BMW in terms of outright power from the engine.

source: BMWblog & E90post

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Media Preview of SLS AMG E-Cell Shot At Norway!!

Shown on the video above are the new sets of video of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell shot at Norway. This prototype car was actually being presented by Mercedes for a media preview and also for them to test the car.

The first video is the all electric “Gullwing” E-Cell blasted up and down the airstrip of Kristiansund alongside the new S63 AMG which packs a new twin turbo 5.5 liter V8. As you see from the video, the engine noise coming out from the S63 is very melodic with some deep growl but when you watch the “Gullwing” in action, the surrounding wind noise is much more apparent compared to the sound of the car. That’s shows how quite this car is.

Meanwhile, the second video shows the SLS AMG E-Cell on the Atlantic Road on the west coast of Norway. For the specs of this car, it is run by being fitted with four electric motors located near the wheel that produce a massive equivalent of 526hp and torque of 880Nm. Sources says that the car will be ready for limited production by 2013.

Talking about an all electric drive car, I want to share my experience driving one. I have the privilege of driving the electric i-miev by Mitsubishi Motors when I’m in Japan for training. At first driving it, you will be amaze by how quite the car is running and the only noise that you can hear is either the tyre noise or any rattling noise coming from the cabin of the car. The car that I was driving is a Mitsubishi test car, and that is why I can hear the rattling noise coming from various point of the Instrument Panel.

Acceleration wise, it is way better compared to the normal petrol engine. I’ve been told by the MMC engineers that the car power is equivalent to a 660cc petrol car but the torque supplied by the motors makes it a very desirable drive. It is definitely a good car to be driven in town centre. Speaking of noise, when the car has gain the speed, the only apparent noise would be the wind noise and the tyre noise plus some noise of motors working that we usually hear from an electric motors.

Enjoy the video that I have installed for you.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Volkswagen 1.4 Liter TSI Twin Charger Crowned The Best Engine of the Year For 2 Consecutive Years!!!

Looks like VW has maintained its lead of the best engine in the world by claiming the title of “Best Engine of the Year during the International Engine of the Year Awards. It is a second consecutive year that the Volkswagen 1.4 liter TSI Twin Charger engine has been crowned as the champion.

This 1.4 liter engine has captured the heart of 72 panel of judges with its Twin Charger system that utilize both turbocharger and supercharger in one engine that produce a massive 180bhp (134kW) which has an equivalent power of a 2.4 liter engine despite is small engine capacity. According to IEOTYA co-chair Dean Slavnich, "That VW's clever 1.4-liter Twin charger is still proclaimed by the judges as the best engine on sale in the world today demonstrates the class of this highly refined trend setter."

The VW engine has beaten other 66 competitors and this list of all engine category winners can be view after the jump as describe in the press release.

p/s Seems like I have a problem to paste the embedded code of youtube content since yesterday. Please copy and paste the link that I have provided below if you like to watch the video presentation of this amazing engine
source: International Engine of the Year Awards

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toyota Chief Test Driver Killed On Local Road Of Nurburgring

It’s sad news for Toyota Motor Corporation when their legendary chief test engineer/driver Hiromu Naruse died during a car accident on a local road near Nurburgring. Toyota haven’t announce any official information regarding this accident but from the limited source claimed that the 67 year old test driver is on the wheel of a Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition when it crashes into a BMW 3 series.

The speed limit on the local road is 100km/h (62mph) but by looking on the video and the looks of the car, I would assume they are travelling at much higher speed as according to sources Naruse san body had to be pulled from the wreckage with a rescue scissors. Mean while the fate of the BMW test drivers was also not too good as one of them is in critical condition.

Well to me it’s a double blow for Toyota as they have lost their chief test driver and also it would be a bad publicity for this new Lexus LFA. People have seen how bad a Ferrari has involved in a crash but the driver escape with only cuts and bruises, but by looking at this accident, buyers of the Lexus LFA will start to think am I safe driving this car around on a high speed cruising. One can argue fate is fate, the life of anyone is depends on the hands of God, but to a normal layman thinking, the question will be still lingering in your mind, am I safe to enjoy this piece of engineering feat.

Brief Test Drive Report of Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing Exclusively From Auto Insider Malaysia

Yes this is the Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing which was launch way back in March 30th 2010. I have given a chance to have a brief test drive of this car and oh boy it is a very interesting experience to be given a chance to drive this modified tuned by R3 and Lotus. But before I write about my experience driving this car, let me refresh you about this Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing.

This Satria Neo has seen some upgrade to its engine where now the engine is producing 145bhp and 168Nm of torque that translated to a substantial increase of 25bhp and 18Nm of torque compared to the standard Campro CPS engine. With this upgrade the century sprint is now down to 9.2 seconds as compared to the standard stock car of 10.5 second of century sprint. Top speed is 200km/h up 10km/h compared to the standard Neo CPS M/T. This upgrade of power was contributed by having a R3-tuned camshaft profiles and also R3 Tuned Exhaust System.

Click on the link to continue reading and enjoy the pics that I have managed to snap during the test drive. A bit of surprise waiting for you. View to gallery to know more what I really mean by that. I'm sorry for the video that I have uploaded to youtube cannot be played here, you can view this exclusive video presentation about the Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing by copy and paste the link as shown here:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2011 BMW M-Sport Package Brochure Leaked Photos!!!

Wow this is the first glimpse of the new M Sport Package for the 2011 BMW 5 Series which is expected to be available in the Europe this fall. These gallery of scanned photos is from a leaked brochure features the Touring model dressed in the M-Sport glory but now we can have an idea how would the sedan looks like when BMW Malaysia official offered to the customer’s here in Malaysia.

The new M-Sport packages features a colour coded aero kit which includes a newly designed and chunkier front bumper with a larger air ducts, side skirts, chrome tail pipes and also a redesign rear bumper that features an integrated diffuser finish in a dark shade as what we have seen on the 3 series sport package here in Malaysia. The photo also reveals that BMW now offered 2 sets of alloy wheel option, the 18 inch multi spoke 350M with 245/45 R18 tires and the 19-inch double spoke 351M wheels shod in 245/40 R19 tires.

As for the interior, BMW has make a subtle changes which usually associated with the M-Sport Division where usually the steering wheel with a thicker rim and a M badge paste on it, sport seat with a M badge intricate features on the seat, automatic and manual gearbox knobs, roof lining in anthracite and a different sets of decorative trim for the dashboard and the door panels.

Based on the leaked brochure, there is no indication of any performance parts, but as usual BMW M Sport package, usually they will include a firmer sports suspension kit as a standard features to complement the full glory of the package. Yum-yum...

source: Bimmertoday

2011 Suzuki Swift Picture Gallery, Feast Your Eyes Suzy Lovers!!!

Yes the new Suzuki Swift has been launch earlier this month but we can only see the exterior design of the car but there is no interior shot of the car. Now for the Suzy lovers out there, feast your eyes with the interior shot of the car. As you may know from the launch report that the new 2011 Swift is based on a new and longer platform but the exterior styling only had a subtle evolution from the outgoing model.

That is good news for the current owners of the Suzy Swift as they will not feel that they have miss or felt out of trend when they compared the new car with their current rides. But on the insides, there is a totally new design compared to the outgoing model where the Instrument Panel design and layout is inspired by the larger Suzuki Kizashi with similar styling for the center console that houses the new switchgear and LCD displays for the audio system and the aircond controls. The steering wheel now also features a redesign horn pad where it is now looks like a shield compared to the current horn pad design which is round. Some might say the new design is a bit odd, but to me, it’s much more refresh compared to the old steering wheel design.

What makes the interior design that really strikes my attention is the new meter combi design which looks much nicer and more upmarket compared to the current design. It does somehow remind me of the design of the new Peugeot meter combi design language. During the launch, Suzuki has hinted that for the European version, the Swift will be available with 2 engine line up with a new 1.2 litre petrol engine that makes 94bhp and 118Nm of torque and a revise 1.3 litre turbo diesel that produce 75bhp with a healthy 190Nm of torque. Both engines are offered with a 5 speed manual gearbox while for the petrol version has the other option of a 4 speed automatic transmission. Sadly Suzuki didn’t offered a 5 speed auto box as currently the trend now for the auto industry is moving towards a standard 5 speeder as their choice of transmission.

Enjoy the rest of the pics after the jump.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gran Turismo 5 Teaser Video Showing Its Full Glory...I Want One Please!!!!

Wow yet another teaser video from Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 5. This video shows a bit of new details that we haven’t seen from the previous teaser video. The latest video shows a little voiceover action from the next Micheal Schumacher aka Sebastian Vettel and also some highlights of night racing plus a new track which is the Top Gear test track. The video even shows the Stig as the one of the drivers on the Top Gear test track and the graphic is awesome. If I’m not mistaken the Gran Turismo 5 will also be launch in 3D game thus it give another depth of intense driving if we do have the chance to play with it. I’ve seen the PS3 3D video game console in Japan when I visited Japan recently thus, it would be a shame if Polyphony won’t exploit its full potential of this PS3 console. So to all hard core gamers of Gran Turismo 5, you have to wait till November 2nd 2010 for the official unveiling of the Gran Turismo 5. So my dear friend Ziddik, you have to wait till that day when you have the chance to have a go with the GT5. Enjoy the video.

Honda CR-Z Promotional Video Driven by Jason Barlow

Wow a nice looking Honda CR-Z driven by Jason Barlow. You may catch or not with this name but for a hard core fans of Top Gear series, Jason Barlow is actually one of the co-host of BBC’s Top Gear TV series way back in year 2000 to 2001. Now he is an editor at large for BBC Top Gear magazine and he has undertaken the role of the host of Honda’s new promotional film for the CR-Z hybrid sports coupe. This promotional film was shot in Japan and oh god, I already misses Japan. By the way, readers of Auto Insider Malaysia, I’ve already back in Malaysia for almost a week now. Back to the story, well I’ve seen this car on Japan road a few times. If you like the looks of the car in the pictures wait till you see the car in motion. I’m sure it will turn your head when you have a glimpse of it like what has been portrayed in this promotional video. Enjoy the video.

Top Deer!!!...Ops Have I Spelled Wrongly Here!!!

Look like Hyundai has making a big wave at the World Cup 2010 event. As you may know, Hyundai is one of the official sponsors for the World Cup 2010 and the sponsors have brought in some fun advert to watch. The advert name the “Top Deer” is mock up show of the famous Top Gear series and it features the turtle as “Captain Slow” a hamster as Richard Hammond and the moose as you know what Jeremy Clarkson. Besides that, there is also the deer name “The Stag”. What a creative advert by Hyundai, and its shows that they too can have some humors giving back to the British trio. Enjoy the video.

source: Worldcarfans

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kia Soul Is Here In Malaysia!!!

Sorry the car is not for sale yet here in Malaysia. The car is actually one of a showcase car apart from Kia Forte of Naza Kia booth at The Curve Center Court. As you may aware, the KIA Soul is the World Cup 2010 Official Car and to mark this soccer madness month, Naza has brought the car for our viewing here in Malaysia. One of my insiders in Naza has informed me that the Kia Soul was actually have been brought to the Naza Automobile Manufacturing (NAM) in Gurun, Kedah. There is no news yet whether Naza will assemble the car or not, but the car that has been displayed at The Curve might be use to gauge the customer acceptance and perception before a decision is made whether it’s viable or not to proceed with this CKD project.

Some information about the Kia Soul. This compact mini MPV is designed at Kia's design center in California, unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, manufactured in South Korea and marketed globally beginning with model year 2010. There are a few engine options available for this car with the 2 inline 4 petrol engines and 1 diesel engine. The base model with the petrol engine is a 1.6 liter unit producing 122bhp and mated with a five speed manual transmission. The higher trim features a 2.0 liter unit producing 142 bhp connected to a standard five-speed manual transmission with a four-speed automatic available as a stand-alone option. A 1.6 liter diesel engine producing 128 bhp and 260 Nm torque is offered in European models, mated to a five-speed manual gearbox.

In terms of safety, the Kia Soul has achieved a maximum of five stars EuroNCAP test and this has translated to the Kia Soul among the safest B-segment family cars in the world. No wonder this car has been use as the official car for the World Cup 2010 event. Enjoy the pics that I have managed to capture at The Curve Center Court area.

Audi A1 "The Next Big Thing" Movie The Last Installment. Still Not Up To Par Compared To "The Hire"

Here is the last installment of the 6 part miniseries “The Next Big Thing” featuring the Audi A1, sexy back Justin Timberlake and the Dominican sexy queen Dania Ramirez. I'm still blur about this whole mini series to tell you the truth. Looks like a job for Mr. Sexy back. Well maybe I need to watch the whole series all over again to understand the whole stories. Well you can catch the whole series with the links below. Enjoy the movies.

Audi A1 "the next big thing" movie 5 of 6

Here is the fifth installment of the 6 part miniseries “The Next Big Thing” featuring the Audi A1, sexy back Justin Timberlake and the Dominican sexy queen Dania Ramirez. Well enjoy the video.
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