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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Latest info of the new Waja Lancer

The much anticipated new Waja Lancer is gearing towards its launched in November and as what has been mentioned by Proton’s MD, Proton will do a soft launched for this new much anticipated model. Based on my sources, Proton will have its soft launch for this model in the middle of next month and the model will be launched on the day of Thursday November 2010. When is it, well I will inform you when the launch is near. So you can now presume when the date of the launch is. It is also rumoured that Proton’s MD will unveiled the name of this new model during the soft launch. To tell you the truth, it is one of the guarded secret for this model as since now I still haven’t gets the confirmation of the name of this model.

One of the great news about this car, based on the info from my insider, this car will feature only 30% localise parts and 70% parts from the car is brought in from Japan as a CKD parts. That would be great news as the rumoured price of around RM 75K to RM 95K; we still get the quality parts from Japan and great looking cars at much cheaper price as compared to the CBU cars from Japan. The localise parts as what has been told to me is very limited such as the car rims, tyres, bumpers, glasses, seats, radio and other few minor parts and most of the major and critical parts was source from Japan. Stay tune for more further updates of this upcoming Waja Lancer.

Automobili Lamborghini SpA has unveiled the latest concept "The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento!!

After numerous teasers shot and leaked images of the mysterious Lamborghini model, Lamborghini has finally answered the question which pop up on everyone mind and the model that I talking of is the new Sesto Elemento or the Sixth Element. The name was derived from the 6th element of the chemical periodic table which is carbon which was the main material used for the wonderful and aggressive looking kind of car.

This conceptual supercar was showcases by Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini during the Volkswagen Group’s pre-show event in Paris. According to Mr. Winkelmann, "The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento shows how the future of the super sports car can look – extreme lightweight engineering, combined with extreme performance results in extreme driving fun. We put all of our technological competence into one stunning form to create the Sesto Elemento.

The Sesto Elemento is the same size as Lambo’s Gallardo which I have mention before were constructed by using an advanced carbon fibre technology and thanks to it, this new concepts only weights 999kg and it is powered by the same 570bhp V10 engine from its sister car the Gallardo Superleggera.

This aggressive looking which looks much more complex then the Lamborghini Reventon has push its boundaries with the help of Audi AG which was undisputed for its lightweight expertise further enhance the lightweight engineering and this would be crucial for future sports car as the world are looking for a more dynamic performance cars but also should be in line with the emission regulation. This concept car has shows what will the future might be for all new Lamborghini car that will be come out from the Raging Bull company. Enjoy more pics after the jump.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TomTom Portable Navigation Device has arrived here in Malaysia!!

                                             TomTom XL250

The influx on Portable Navigation device in Malaysia recently has triggered a Europe renowned GPS solution provider TomTom to starts selling its device here in Malaysia. TomTom has come with a bang with not one but three Portable Navigation Device here in Malaysia. The models that they have brought in was the TomTom XL250 4.5” which was retailed at RM 649, TomTom XXL550 5.0” at RM 799 and TomTom GO 750 4.3” that were sold at RM 949.

According to TomTom Vice President for Marketing Asia Pacific Mr. Chris Kearney said that “The TomTom GO, TomTom XXL, and TomTom XL devices offer a great navigation experience for Malaysian drivers including unique TomTom favourites like MapShare and Advanced Lane Guidance. “We are very excited to bring high-quality navigation products to Malaysia and we are confident Malaysian drivers will embrace the ease of use, superior mapping, safety features, and the quality navigation experience of TomTom PNDs,” Kearney added.

All TomTom Portable Navigation device sold in Malaysia will feature maps of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia and the maps updates are free for the first year of usage and it is downloaded from TomTom websites. Subsequently, maps needs to be purchase but TomTom has assured that users will receive the latest maps on each updates.

    TomTom XXL550

TomTom Go 750

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ford introduces a very interesting accessories for 2011 Ford Fiesta

Ford of USA has release a very interesting accessories for the 2011 Ford Fiesta which is a gear indicating shift knob. I’m not sure how they going to wired this shift indicator, but assume this shift indicator is for automatic car models and not for the normal stick shifters as for automatic car, they can tap the signal when you engage the gear but for manual stick, maybe Ford can put some sensor on the gear gate of the manual stick. Well looks cool doesn’t it!!..It can be a very interesting accessories for future owners of Ford Fiesta here in Malaysia

2011 Hyundai i10 facelift launched in Mumbai India!!

It is now official. Previously we have seen some spy pic of the latest facelift of the Hyundai i10 but now it is officially have been launched in Mumbai India yesterday and not at Paris Motor Show as what has been speculated before. The latest facelift has features the current latest trapezoidal front grill design which is common to the latest models coming from Hyundai. Besides the front end grill design, the rear end design also has been face lifted which features a new tail lamp design and also a redesign bumper which to me look much better compared to the current design. Besides that, on the inside, Hyundai has include a Bluetooth connectivity, a driver seat height adjustment, USB and Aux in port and steering mounted audio controls. The instrument cluster also gets a new stylish design besides an added safety of twin front airbags, reverse parking sensors and also ABS. There are 8 colours option available in India.

As when this car will be brought in by Hyundai Sime Darby is still vague. But by judging to the latest looks and features, I think it will give Suzuki a run for their money for their newly launched Alto as the current SKD packs for the Hyundai i10 here in Malaysia were originated from India. For the time being, do enjoy the pics and also the video of this newly launched facelift Hyundai i10.

Latest round of Waja Lancer pics

Wow look like there is a lot of interest in the new Waja Lancer and this the latest round of pics from Funtasticko shown the latest pic which shows the rear end look of this car. Well the circles are nearly complete. We have seen the interior pics on the previous post, and the only pics left to look at is how the sport rim will look like and also how many inches it will be. Will it be the same as what has been installed in the current Lancer which is 18 inches, or Proton might opt for a smaller diameter which is 17 or 16 inches so that the cost will be cheaper and it will not burden the customer when the tyre replacement is needed. Hopefully soon we can see those rim roaming in the cyber space.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

First hand look of Proton's turbo charger!!

If you read or have heard from the news tonight, Proton’s MD has announced that Proton will unveiled its turbo engine which is engineered together with Lotus next year. Based on the news, the engine will first to be powered on the Proton Exora MPV and we have seen some spy pics that Proton currently test the turbo engine with its new CVT gearbox. So far there is no firm dates that when the engine will be launch but rumours has been circulating around that we might see the glimpse of this new engine during the KL International Motor Show 2010. Based on the tonight’s news, there is no further information has been revealed about this new engine except the engine will have the same output as what we see in a 2 litre car.

Well lucky you readers of Auto Insider Malaysia, my sources have sent me this set of photo’s of what Proton turbocharger will look like. Looks like the turbocharger is manufactured by the world renowned turbo charger company BorgWarner and this turbocharger reportedly can spool its turbine and makes 150hp and 200Nm of torque. This is the initial numbers that has been told to me, but the final numbers still vague and Proton is still testing the engine for its part durability and also reliability and also accumulates a real world mileage apart for the test bench running mileage. Apart from a turbo charger installed to this new engine, my sources also indicates that this new engine will features a VVT technology that helps increase the power while achieving good fuel consumption. Well enjoy the pics that I have installed for you. Hopefully we can see the engine during KLIMS shown this December.

Front end look of the Proton Inspira aka Proton Waja Replacement

This is the moment you have been waiting for, the real undisguised image of the Mitsubishi based Waja replacement that has make any MIVEC fans waiting eagerly. Thanks to the blog of Funtasticko design for this image from this blog post and now we can clearly see the design of the new Waja replacement as compared to its MMC counterpart. Beside the front end look of the car, based on this blog post, sourcers from funtasticko design has also revealed a rumored name of this Waja Lancer with reportedly be name Proton Inspira. So far based on my sources, the name of this car has not be revealed yet but the name Inspira is a good name to begin with for Proton.

Ok back to the look of the design, Proton has change the shark aggressive design of the Lancer to a more tame design which to me mimics the Volvo S40. If you make the grill larger and have a silver line grill running across the aspect ratio of the grill, Walla you have a S40 grill design. For the rest of the shape, I don’t think Proton will change much except for the rear bumper as we have seen the spy video exclusively features in TV3 Buletin Utama news slots where the rear bumper features a diffuser like design as what we can see on the Kia Forte or the TRD Toyota VIOS.

So what about the timing of the launch? Well Proton’s MD has indicated that a soft launch will be held after the Hari Raya holidays and until now there is now news or inside scoop whistling to my ears but I do have some interesting hint when the car will actually be launch. Based on my inside sources, the Waja replacement will be launch in early of November 2010 and hopefully there is no change in the dates as what has been told to me. So when is the actual date? Stay tune for this space.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Official unveiling video and pictures of the all new Bentley Continental GT

Enjoy this lovely video of the unveiling of the new Bentley Continental GT. The unveiling is very unique which the laser beam lights up unveiling the lines of creases on the body panel bit by bit till the full unveiling showing the whole car. A very exciting video indeed. Some info about the newly unveiling Bentley, well it may look identical to the outgoing model, but Bentley has assured that each body panel is completely new. If you look closely, the creases on the body line of this new GT is much more prominent, the side windows are slightly longer and the beltline is slightly higher.

Besides that, you look closely to the new taillights and you can see it was inspired by the Mulsanne model and to complete the exterior overhaul, there’s a new grille to this new car. The minor changes does include the interior design as well as the overall interior design was carried over design with changes limited to the new infotainment system, used of higher quality material and also a floating center stack. Legroom for the rear passenger also has been improved slightly by 2 inches and this is achievable by trimming the front seat to achieve this new found interior spacious.

Performance wise, Bentley has installed new aluminium suspension components; a 40:60 split all wheel drive system and a new steering system. Besides that, in terms of engine, the Continental GT will be powered by a revised 6 litre W12 engine which produces an astounding 567bhp and astonishing 516 Nm of torque an increase of 15bhp and 50Nm of torque compared to the previous model. With this enhanced engine, it will propel the car to century sprint in 4.4 seconds with a top speed of 319km/h. Enjoy the pics and video after the jump.

source: Bentley

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tune your car for more power and increase fuel efficiency with SKN Tuning brought to you by APD

As I have mentioned in my previous post, APD has recently appointed as a sole distributor for SKN Tuning Gmbh a company based in Hannover Germany. SKN started its business with manufacturing and producing engines in the late 80’s and its started venturing to ECU tuning when they first stumble upon the Bosch Motronic ECU and since then they never looked back for ECU tuning.

Currently SKN have 25 staff where 5 of them are software specialist that experts in software modification and dyno testing and they are so experience that they can handle everything from designing new software to testing the software in order for the software to run as intended such as passing the TUV test, emission test and also noise tests. The other 20 staffs are specialist in turbochargers, superchargers, exhaust systems and suspension system.

APD, Your one stop center for the car enthusiasts

Recently through my friend who has sent his car for tuning has enlightened me with this company which was based near Glenmarie Shah Alam. The company that I’m talking about is Automotive Performance Development or famously known as APD. For those car enthusiasts who like to tune their cars or well into local motor sport scene, the name APD is not very alien to them as APD is one of the co sponsors of the recent Time To Attack 2 at Sepang which was held nearly two months ago.

So what is basically APD is all about. This company has been around on a very prosperous date according to Chinese believed which is on 8th of August 2008 and the outlet was officially open in May 2009 at Jalan Perintis U1/52 Glenmarie Shah Alam. The company has more than 20 well experience staff with more than 10 years experience in the automotive industry be it motorsport, servicing or tuning, they have the skills for every job that will be offered to them. The staffs have their own unique experience from various industry as they are the expert for japanese car model or continental cars from establish manufactures.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Latest round of 2011 Honda Civic spy shot!!

We have seen various spy shots of next generation Euro spec Honda Civic through my previous post here, and now we can see a more relevant model to our country Malaysia which was caught testing at heat soaked road of Death Valley America. It is rumoured that the car will only be available in Malaysia in 2012 based on my inside sources of Honda and from the look of this new car, the car is rumoured to be a bit smaller compared to the current models.

Based on the spy shot also, we can now have the idea about the car, this latest Honda Civic is an evolution from the current design and it is not revolution design as in the current Honda Civic. Even the interior of the car with its two tiered dash design will be carried over to this new model and I think this is a good move by Honda as the current dash design really blends well with its age and it does not look boring at all even after nearly 5 years of its life cycles.

Based on the exterior of the spy shots, what we can see is that, the changes are focus on the front and rear end design and I think the front end design will follow the current design theme of Honda models that we recently saw on the Honda CR-Z and also the new Honda Odyssey. Enjoy the rest of the pics after the jump.

Ferrari and Shell celebrates its partnership with an amazing video!!

With the upcoming Italian GP, Ferrari and Shell has produce a 4 minutes amazing video to celebrate their partnership back from the F1 days of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari to the recent days of F1. Enjoy the video Tifosi lovers.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Special unbelievable price for Proton Savvy and Proton Gen2 MC3 for limited time only!!

Yes this is not a joke or a scam. This truly unbelievable price is for limited time only based on first come first serve basis. Units are limited and I can assure you this is a new car fresh from the production. But there is a catch for you to get hold of this new car. The down payment of this car would be around 20% of the price of the car or roughly around RM 6,700.00 to RM 10,000 depends on models that you choose in order for you to enjoy this special price. Only serious buyers need to apply. Do email me at autoinsidermalaysia[at]gmail[dot]com for further information if you do require. Complete list of price after the jump

Mazda Shinari live pictures plus video

This is the latest video on the new Mazda design language; the Mazda Shinari which essentially will replace the current design language of Nagare which is known for its smiley face front grill signature.

The new design language will feature a better looking grill which in line with other automakers design like we can see on the latest Mercedes offering and also the new design language of Peugeot. With other car makers introduce more tense and organic lines on the skin panel of the car body, currently I’m not sure what will Mazda offer to differ from other car makers.

Looks like the next decade we can look at a more dynamic and sporty looking kind of car design with even the Korean’s have venture into this design language based on the fluidic sculpture design on the latest Hyundai line up.

Ferrari issues an official recall for the Ferrari 458 Italia!!!

We have read on the internet for the past few months that there have been numerous engine fires that were involved with Ferrari’s latest hot baby the Ferrari 458 Italia. Looks like the supercar maker is not invisibles thus they also makes mistakes.

Ferrari today has announced an official recall for the 458 Italia for the engine fires issue which were linked to an adhesive used to attached a heat shield under the rear fender that reported can ignite under high temperatures which in turn leading to a bigger fire in the engine bay. To remedy the issue, Ferrari has designed a new heat shield that attaches with rivets thus eliminating the need to use adhesive.

Ferrari has urged the respective owners to call their dealer to schedule an appointment for the free fix. So far no words coming out from Ferrari of how they will deal with the cars that has been totally lost under fire due to this issue, whether they will compensate with a new car or some special arrangement with the insurance company of how to settle this issue.

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