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Friday, July 13, 2012

All You Want To Know About The All New Toyota Camry!!

Since being introduced in Malaysia in 1994, the Toyota Camry has been one of the most popular mid-sized sedans with almost 95,000 units sold up till the end of 2011. It has also been a class-leader for many years because it has been recognized as a truly world-class sedan with an intelligent design, ride comfort and performance. Needless to say, the trusted Toyota brand has been one of its strong points, along with quality, durability and reliability. This year, the Camry undergoes a full model change to a new generation which will be offered by UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd in three variants - Toyota Camry 2.5V, Toyota Camry 2.0G and Toyota Camry 2.0E – with a choice of four colours, including Attitude Black (a new colour for the range). All versions feature Toyota’s renowned VVT-I (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence) 4-cylinder petrol engines and electronically managed automatic transmissions.

For the all-new Camry, the design team adopted the theme of ‘Rational Tech Dynamism’ with a sporty appearance. Understanding the tastes of the buyers of this model and also reviewing feedback from customers, the designers chose a simple, but bold, form with a focus on superior surface quality using new finishing methods.

Though, at a glance, the new frontal styling may seem similar to the previous generation, it has actually been completely redesigned to give a more majestic appearance. The headlamps and grille help to project a greater sense of width. The elevated bonnet also contributes to the majestic appearance with a noticeable difference in height with the top of the fenders giving a solid and strong image.

Viewed in profile, the all-new Camry’s modern and balanced shape is dynamic with a sense of volume and elegance. The rear of the cabin has been raised and tapers to a wedged shape towards the front, creating a design that appears to be in motion even when the car is not moving. The rear view of the all-new Camry emphasizes width through various details like the rear garnish and the shape of the lights, as well as the positioning of the reflectors.

Aerodynamic efficiency is always important for a car as it provides benefits such as stability, more comfortable motoring and lower fuel consumption. For the all-new Camry, aero-corners enable air to flow smoothly around the body while underneath, there are less openings and more covers have been installed to provide a smoother surface. Additionally, there are also small fins towards the rear area which manage airflow so that turbulence (which causes drag and instability) is reduced.

Extensive studies in Toyota’s own wind tunnel showed the designers that airflow along the sides of the car was turbulent and if it could be smoothened out, driving stability would be improved. To manage the airflow, aero stabilizing fins have been installed on the bases of the door mirrors which attach to the door frames. These small fins manage the airflow along the bodywork to shrink the boundary layer so that ‘sway’ within the layer is less and the car can be more stable.

Highlights of the exterior styling include:
- High Intensity Discharge (HID) projector headlamps which offer stronger illumination, lower electrical demands and longer service life
- LEDs for rear lighting units, with the third brake light having a lens that enhances appearances
- Bright plating for the radiator grille, foglamp covers and bonnet moulding for enhanced appearance
- High solar energy-absorbing glass for the windscreen to reduce transmission of heat from the sun
- More futuristic and aerodynamic design for door mirrors with integrated turn signals
- New alloy wheels with sporty designs – 16-inch for Camry 2.0E and 2.0G and 17- inch for the Camry 2.5V

Thursday, July 12, 2012

All You Want To Know About The Toyota FT86!!!

The All-new Toyota 86 which makes its official debut in Malaysia today is Toyota‟s latest sports car with a strong heritage and pedigree that goes back 50 years. Though its „86‟ badge (hachirokuin Japanese) makes it a spiritual successor to the original AE86 Levin/Trueno model which was produced in the 1980s, its DNA also carries the characteristics of two other models – the

Toyota Sports 800 and Toyota 2000GT. From the Sports 800 comes the FR (front engine-rear wheel drive) layout and boxer engine while from the design of the 2000GT served as a starting point for the stylists.

In many areas of the 86, the stylists have paid tribute to the hachi-roku legend as well as the sports car image. For example, the bore and stroke of the engine are both 86 mm and the diameter of the tailpipe is exactly 86 mm. The badge is also unique: in the centre is an elaborately styled "86‟ which evokes the image of a four-wheel drift and on either side is the shape of a piston/connecting rod, arranged in the same horizontally-opposed manner as in the engine.

The same piston/con-rod motif can also be found on the headlamps, air-conditioning vents,parts of the seat upholstery and meter rings. The design of the standard wheels also drew inspiration from those found on sports cars of the past. With the core goal of “Pure Balance”, the development team of the 86 aimed to provide a compact high-quality sports car with genuine fun-to-drive dynamics – without having to resort to absolute power or impressive specifications. It is a sports car that will remind the world that the joy of cars lies in the driving experience. 

The development of the 86 was carried out in collaboration with Subaru (a division of Fuji Heavy Industries), which is also well known for its high-performance sports sedans. The development program was similar in scope and passion to that for a high-caliber sports car and driving dynamics were a top priority with a strong focus on intuitive handling. 

Naza Kia Award Malaysia's Euro 2012 Winners!!!

Naza Kia Malaysia’s EURO 2012 winners who were recently sent to Ukraine and Poland to catch this summer’s biggest footballing event have described the experience as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“The whole EURO 2012 experience was electrifying. My son and I enjoyed the game and it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Airul Redzma Mahpor, who won tickets to the quarterfinal match between the Czech Republic and Portugal in Warsaw, Poland.

Airul, who won two tickets for the match by sending in his Forte for a service during the Kia Customer Day in May, was among the 12 winners for Naza Kia Malaysia’s various UEFA EURO 2012 contests.

“I’m glad to be a Kia owner. Their latest models have increased interest in the brand and when I was in Warsaw, I was proud to see Kias on the road there,” Airul said.

There were four contests in total with the first contest tied-in to the company’s Test Drive Kia On Tour 2012 roadshows where customers who booked or test drove a Kia were in the running for a EURO 2012 ticket.

The second contest was held in conjunction with two Kia Customer Days that were held in March and May respectively. In this contest, customers who made a booking or sent in their cars for a service during the campaign stood a chance to win tickets.

The third contest was held on Naza Kia Malaysia’s official Facebook page where fans were invited to submit videos of themselves celebrating a goal at EURO 2012. The last contest was held in conjunction with the launch of Naza Kia Malaysia’s Test Drive Hub in Bangsar. In this contest, customers had to register for a test drive between April 18 to May 20 to win tickets.

In total, Naza Kia Malaysia gave out 12 tickets to the Group B match between Germany and the Netherlands, two tickets to the quarterfinal between Portugal and the Czech Republic and two tickets to the semifinal between Germany and Italy.

Additionally, Naza Kia Malaysia bore all flight and accommodation costs in for the winners in both Poland and Ukraine.

Mong Xien Tien, who won a ticket for the match between Germany and the Netherlands, said the trip was an unforgettable experience.

“I supported the Netherlands in that game and the best part was that all three goals were scored at the end of the field where we were seated. I think Naza Kia Malaysia has put in a lot of effort to build up their brand recognition in Malaysia and they have some big plans in store for us,” he said.

Mong was among the 12 winners who won tickets for the match that was played at Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Azlan Awaluddin, who was part of the group that travelled to Ukraine, said he was impressed with the scale of Kia Motors’ sponsorship of EURO 2012.

“More and more people will recognize the brand internationally by sponsoring such a big event,” he said.

Oung Hock Lye, who won tickets to the semifinal match between Italy and Germany, concurred, adding the sponsorship of an event as big as EURO 2012 has elevated Kia’s global brand image.

source: Naza Kia Media Release

ETCM Launched Nissan Grand Livina AUTECH!!! Retails From RM105K

Already showered with numerous accolades by the likes of the Asian Auto-VCA Auto Industry Awards for “Best Value For Money MPV” and “The Best MPV” by Stuff Magazine, the Nissan Grand Livina has become one of the most popular MPVs in Malaysia since its introduction in 2007.

This year, the best-selling non-national MPV gets more than just a facelift but vital improvements from AUTECH. To those in the know, AUTECH is a renowned pro tuner for Nissan cars from Japan.

Powering the new Grand Livina, the 2012 update retains the 1.8-litre MR18DE engine but now comes with a distinctive chrome front grille followed by a new front bumper with a chrome finish. The Nissan Grand Livina AUTECH now features 15-inch 6-spoke AUTECH alloy wheels. Their appearance is given more depth with the diamond-cut, gunmetal-textured finish on each spoke. The enhanced model also sports a new colour in bronze gold and V-Kool Solargard Armorcoat window tinting. An AUTECH emblem fitted at the tail gate completes the exterior changes.

Interior cabin have also been enhanced with a luxurious feel in brown or black leather along with an integrated navigation and multimedia system featuring a 6-inch touch screen GPS navigator with reverse camera, DVD player, USB and Bluetooth connectivity as well as the optional choice of a 10.2” roof-mounted LCD monitor. This allows hands free use of the mobile phone for safer driving and also enables the occupants to listen to their personal collection of music for a more enjoyable journey.

The launch of the new Nissan Grand Livina AUTECH is also in time for the ‘balik kampung’ season. Renowned for its sedan-like drivability, ride smoothness and handling while seating seven occupants comfortably; this is the perfect ride back to hometown for the holidays.

Commenting on the launch of the new variant, Dato’ Dr Ang Bon Beng, Executive Director of Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd (ETCM) enthused, “The innovative teams at AUTECH have not just gave the Grand Livina a facelift but elevated it to suit today’s drivers’ personality and lifestyle. And with Hari Raya around the corner, this is the ideal vehicle to travel back home safely in style.”

On-the-road prices for the new Nissan Grand Livina AUTECH start from RM105,800.00 (Peninsular Malaysia) and is available for viewing in all ETCM showrooms nationwide. And if you just can’t resist getting a hand on it, head to One Utama (Concourse, New Wing) on July 11-15 to secure yourself this exclusive AUTECH-tuned MPV.

source: ETCM Media Release

Lexus Malaysia Roadshows In Klang Valley. Full Press Release

Starting today, Lexus Malaysia is proud to showcase their Lexus models at selected hotspots in the Klang valley. Lexus models are class of its own that is passionately crafted with uncompromising standards and embodies the relentless pursuit of perfection. The Lexus showcase is part of the outreach programme that aims to introduce the Lexus brand to a wider audience.

Lexus Malaysia believes that great brands have the power to inspire and by telling the Lexus story, it continues to reign its reputation in producing reliable quality luxury cars with impeccable, precision and craftsmanship. Inspired by the brand, Lexus became a worldwide success since it took the US market by storm in 1989 and became the top selling luxury import brand since then.

With a global presence in over 60 countries, LEXUS belongs to the Toyota Group of motor vehicles. In Malaysia, Lexus was officially launched in 2007 and has pride themselves in continually raising the bar on not just luxury and performance, but also strive to provide a level of service that is in keeping with the ideals set out in the Lexus Convenant of pursuit of perfection.

The Lexus showcase that takes place at Gardens, Kuala Lumpur from 6 to 10 July and at Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur from 16 to 29 July 2012 will showcase the future perspective of Lexus trademark as well as an insight into the brand’s success.

On display will be the all new Lexus GS at both locations and the luxury hybrid model Lexus CT 200h will only be available at Gardens, Kuala Lumpur. Both of these models are representations of the Lexus’ continuous “Pursuit of Perfection” and will raise the benchmark in terms of refinement in quality, detailing and styling in the luxury market.

The introduction of the Lexus CT 200h last year, the world’s first full hybrid luxury compact, received tremendous response from the public with more than 1,700 units sold up to date. The fourth-generation Lexus GS which was recently introduced in March this year, marks a huge step over its predecessor in terms of design, technological capabilities and most importantly comfort and drivability for both driver and passenger.

Both Lexus models feature the “spindle grille”, a new design philosophy which is now an identity of establishment and symbolises the future of Lexus. This bold, elegant and highly individual grille makes the new Lexus GS and the CT 200h instantly recognisable as a Lexus at first glance. The grille is part of a new design trademark of Lexus called the ‘L-Finesse’, which will soon be adopted throughout the brand to strengthen the Lexus family identity between model ranges.

These models also mark the beginning of the next generation of Lexus vehicles that define the brand’s design direction, incorporating three elements of the L-finesse design philosophy. With the philosophy in mind, Lexus designers and engineers created Lexus models that are bold yet sensitive, cutting edge yet practical, luxurious yet understated and last but not least stylish yet dignified.

With the display of the new Lexus GS and the Lexus CT 200h at the showcase, Lexus Malaysia is confident it will continue to strengthen its brand presence in this country, and continue to win the hearts of many more customers.

source: Lexus Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Nasim Sdn. Bhd Launched The Facelifted Peugeot 308 Variants

Nasim Sdn Bhd, the official distributor for the Peugeot brand in Malaysia, has refreshed the popular 308 line-up with the introduction of the facelifted 308 VTi and 308 Turbo.

Both variants now come with an array of new features while incorporating the brand’s new design DNA.

“The new 308 comes with a refreshed look and new premium features that are set to make the 308 even more popular among Malaysians.

“As at end-June, we have sold 700 units of the 308 this year. With the new 308, we are confident of selling 150 units a month,” said Dato’ Samson Anand George, COO of Nasim Sdn Bhd.

Nasim first debuted the 308 in Malaysia in January 2009 and has sold close to 5,000 units to-date. As of end-May 2012, the 308 holds a 42% market share among European C-segment hatchbacks in Malaysia.

One of the most significant enhancements with the new 308 lies with its exterior aesthetics. It features a new dynamic and elegant look with a “floating grille” concept that is also available on the 508 and new LED day-time running lights which gives the new 308 a unique visual signature.

The luxurious panoramic roof is now available on both variants. Other premium offers include automatic dual-zone air-conditioning with rear blowers, cruise control with speed limiter, World-In-Peugeot Sound system with six-speakers, USB and Bluetooth connectivity enabling hands free usage and music on the go, one-touch electric windows with anti-pinch safety feature and a height and reach adjustable steering.

In addition, the new 308 Turbo features a leather-wrapped sport steering wheel with an aluminum ring, aluminum pedals and scuff plate as well as sporty white instrument dials with a piano black finish centre fascia. The new 308 Turbo is also fitted with an original 308 GTi rear spoiler.

Other premium features included on both variants are auto headlights, “Follow Me Home” functionality, front and rear fog lights, automated front windscreen wipers, electric folding mirrors and a sporty rear diffuser.

The new 308 Turbo is powered by a twin-scroll turbo high pressure four-cylinder variable valve timing engine that produces 156 bhp and 240 Nm of torque and fitted with a six-speed auto adaptive gearbox with Tiptronic and sport mode. This award winning powerful yet efficient engine has now won the International Engine of the Year award for six years in a row (2007-2012).

The new 308 VTi on the other hand is fitted with a fuel efficient four-cylinder dual variable valve timing injection engine which produces 120 bhp and 160 Nm of torque, paired to an auto adaptive gearbox with Tiptronic and Sport mode.

The two variants feature Independent MacPherson-type struts and Deformable U-shaped cross member suspension setup combined with anti-roll bars for exceptional handling, dynamism and driving experience that Peugeot is known for.

The new 308 VTi now comes equipped with new“Santiaguito”16-inch alloy wheels while the new 308 Turbo comes with newly-designed “Melbourne”17-inch alloy wheels.

Exceptional level of safety features are offered on both variants.  The Turbo and VTi are fitted with two airbags in front, driver and front passenger side airbags, anti-whiplash front seats with active head restraints, ABS, EBD, Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) and two ISOFIX points at the rear. Additionally, the new 308 Turbo comes with two curtain airbags, ESP and DSC.

The on-the-road price with insurance for the new 308 VTi is RM102,888 while the on-the-road with price with insurance of the new 308 Turbo is RM121,888. Both variants come with a market leading five-year warranty with unlimited mileage, lifetime 24 hours Peugeot assistance and exclusive Peugeot Privilege membership as standard to provide customers with confidence and peace of mind.

Peugeot 3008 Full Test Drive Review!!! A Great People's Carrier!!

Another weekend has passed and what a great weekend to be spend with an all new Peugeot 3008 courtesy of Nasim Sdn. Bhd, the official distributor of Peugeot cars in Malaysia. The Peugeot 3008 is basically an SUV, MPV hatchback version which sits on the 308 hatchback chassis which also spawned the recently launched Peugeot 408 thus I truly believe this car will be a very fun car to drive with since the chassis of Peugeot 3008 is a very able chassis which can provide good ride and handling due to its chassis rigidity.

Honestly to me, the best view of this car is the aircraft style cockpit design when you are sitting on the driver side of this vehicle. More of this will be explained on the later part of this review. First of all let’s review the creature comfort of this car. The Peugeot 3008 seats are all covered with soft Black/Grey leather which matches with the dark interior trim of the car that uplift the sense of luxury to this car. The chrome accent on the air-cond vent, the toggle switch at the centre instrument panel and at the gated shift panel also makes this Peugeot 3008 truly a luxury car. To add the airiness of the ambience of the car, Peugeot has added a panoramic sunroof with anti pinch safety feature and electronically controlled curtain. This panoramic sunroof is tinted and it is good at filtering the UV rays and blocking the hot sun from spoiling the coolness of the interior.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The All New Ford Ranger Launched!!! Price Starts From RM 90K

The waiting is over, after month of teasing and nationwide road show, the all new Ford Ranger has been launched recently. The launching event was filled with built tough atmosphere with the highlights of announcing the winner of Malaysia Global Ford Ranger Challenge results and prize giving ceremony. Before I come to that, there certainly some good news from Ford. To further strengthen the Ford brand here in Malaysia, Ford has just announced a new global brand promise in Malaysia which is the “Go Further”.

The “Go Further” is what will be delivered with the One Ford plan where it compassed from how Ford treats their customers, to the style and range of services available at their dealership. The next big wave from the “Go Further” promises is a series of launches which begin in the next few months the Next Generation Focus and a further six all new or redesigned models to be launched in Malaysia in the next 18 months. These six products will feature eight power trains completely new to Malaysia including the EcoBoost engines as well as state of the art diesel technology pioneered in Europe. 

The first of this highly anticipated time from Ford begins with the launch of the all new Ford Ranger where it redefines the compact pickup truck segment by combining the toughness and capability of pickup truck with smart technology, outstanding safety, excellent fuel economy and high standard of quality and comfort. 
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