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Monday, August 9, 2010

Suzuki Alto is here in Malaysia!!!

Wow it’s been a while that I have not written anything in my blog. Well I have some juicy story for you here readers of Auto Insider Malaysia specifically for readers here in Malaysia. Yes Suzuki Malaysia Automobiles Sdn. Bhd has  launch the all new Suzuki Alto yesterday 09th of August 2010. I manage to capture this new car available at this showroom which is on display.
To tell you the truth, I already know that this car will be launching soon based on my friends who is working with DRB Hicom Glenmarie. The car has been around for quite some time actually, and the car has been on the road testing here in Malaysia using trade plates without any camouflage but luckily the car has not been snap by any car enthusiast here in Malaysia.

The car features a cute and simple clean design with the overall length of the car only 3,500mm and the wheelbase is 2,360mm which is 20mm shorter than Hyundai i10 and 30mm shorter than Perodua Viva. For the lady driver, they will sure smile to the ear as the car feature a small turning radius of only 4.5M which is essentially the same as Hyundai i10 with only the Perodua Vivas manage a smaller turning radius at 4.4M.

So let me tell you about the car that has been launched here in Malaysia. The car is actually a fully imported car from Maruti Suzuki of India and it will be powered by K10B engine which is essentially a 1.0 litre DOCH 3 cylinder 12V engine that produces a respectable 67hp at 6,000RPM and 90Nm of torque at 3,400RPM. There will be two transmission choices here in Malaysia which are 5 speed manual and also 4 speed AT. The fuel distribution is via a Multipoint injection channelling fuel coming from 35 litres of fuel tank capacity. What is best about this engine is that it uses a timing chain instead of the normal belt which is the same as what has been offered by Hyundai i10 1.25Kappa engine. This is a welcome offering which essentially translated to a lower the overall maintenance cost of the car. The throttle body of the car is using the normal cable type and not drive by wire which according to the inside sources from Suzuki manage to achieves a respectable 17 litres/100km fuel consumption on a combine cycle which is quite respectable for a small town driving car.

The steering system of the car is using rack and pinion with the brakes featuring ventilated disc at the front and drum leading and trailing at the rear. The stopping power for the high end model which is the 1.0AT GX and GXS is via ABS with EBD and also brake assist function to ensure a safe stopping distance. As for the suspension, the front suspension features a MacPherson strut with coil spring and the rear end is a 3 link rigid axles with coil spring which is essentially a torsion beam type of suspension.

As for other features, the steering system of the car comes with a standard power steering with the high end model featuring tilt and telescopic adjustable steering wheel which is a very commendable feature for this segment of cars. Besides that, the high end model also feature a tachometer on the instrument panel and also electric power window for the front door but at the rear both normal and high end model features a normal winding type of mechanism. As a standard feature for all cars, the air condition of the car is a manual type that has both cool and hot air dispersion and it comes with a standard pollen filter for all Suzuki Alto cars here in Malaysia. As for the wipers it is a standard features for the Suzuki Alto to have 2 speed wipers plus intermittent speed at the front and for rear it is only a single speed type of wiper system.

In terms of safety it is a welcome features from Suzuki Malaysia as it is standard features for all models to have a dual SRS Air bags for the front occupant with the front seat belt featuring a 3 point ELR seat belt with pretensioner and force limiter and for the rear seats it is a standard features to have 2 ISOFIX child seat anchorage which is a very noble offering by Suzuki Malaysia as even the bigger Proton Exora does not come with an optional features of this important ISOFIX child seat anchorage.

So for the final question that is lingering on your mind how much does this Alto cost here in Malaysia. I would say it will give the competitors a run for their money as this imported car has been price sensibly and reasonably here in Malaysia with all the features that I would say full packed. So here the price goes:

Suzuki Alto 1.0MT GA: RM 46,241.20 OTR

Suzuki Alto 1.0AT GLX: RM 51, 371, 20 OTR

Suzuki Alto 1.0AT GXS: RM 56,501.20 OTR

Currently in terms of financing, the interest rate for this car is 3.15% for 1 to 8 years of financing. So are you fancy for this car. Head down to your nearest Suzuki Showroom this Saturday to view the car. I will try to secure a test drive unit from Suzuki Malaysia Automobiles to review about this cute little car.


  1. is it the interest rate for alto is 3.15%? national car is 4.15% now.

  2. Yup the interest rates is at 3.15% now for the Alto. Did you remember the rates for the Swift at 2.88% being offered by RHB Islamic few months back. Well I would say too bad for the national car maker buyers as we need to fork out a lot of money to pay the greedy bank. Hopefully with the on going discussion of national car makers to have a lower interest rates for their product becomes fruitful. Fingers cross.

  3. ya but i dont think they will offer 2.88% again now for alto? btw, is that alto in pearl white? or solid white. nicely taken :)

  4. Yes, ur true, i think they will stay on the lowest rate of 3.15%. yes the colour is a solid white colour and not pearl white colour david. Have u test drive the car

  5. Hi, Are you attached to any Suzuki Dealers? Do you think you be keen to refer business to us? We are authorized Suzuki Dealer in USJ.

  6. Hi Suzuki dealer, sorry for the late reply, my internet connection is very bad as it is impossible for me to load even 1 page. As for your question, I am not attached to any Suzuki dealer. Lets discuss further about this. Please continue to communicate through my personal email at autoinsidermalaysia[at]gmail[dot]com.

  7. hi,
    i just purchased this car about this week. my loan also was approved by 2.55% (RHB Islamic).

  8. Wow good to hear that you just bought the Suzuki what colour did u choose lina.i do hope you wil enjoy ur ride and maybe you can share with us ur experience of driving the all new alto

  9. share your experience..the pros and cons too..actually i'm looking for my first car..alto seems appealing..but still cant decide -_-'

  10. hi,
    I chose Green color Alto since the save the world environment theme is "let's go green"! LOL!! I will receive the car this Friday (7th January) *hopefully*. really looking forward to own this cute little car.
    The reason why I chose this car is that, Volkswagen and Suzuki has tied the knot where both companies plan a joint approach to the growing worldwide demand for more environmentally friendly vehicles and it's parallel to its plan to create more eco friendly vehicles ;p yeah, i know. don't mention it ;p

    besides that, i chose this car over MyVi (altho they have the same price for 1.3l Myvi) is because of its quality. nissan is also a partner of suzuki where they also produced the same exact car which is Nissan Pixo. which shows that this car has its potential for being such a compact car. i'm talking about a compact car here ;) so in term of price, I'd much prefer not to compare with myvi since if I happened to purchased myvi, i still need to pay more because of its interest rate (4%). so, more or less, you gotta pay more on myvi which has the same basic price with Alto ;)

    but, if i wana buy viva who has the same CC with Alto, the car is too light and it's not stable. my mom is driving viva to work so i also am a viva driver (sometimes i also drive her car). when i did the test drive for alto, i found that this car is very stable and my mom said she had no problem with bumpy seat at the back. she liked it to sit at the back compare to viva, when we accidentaly hit any small hole, u'll feel like the whole car might fall apart.

    and i did a lot of research for a compact car, even hyundai i10 did not impress me enough on the reviews. hence, Alto is my choice and I love it.

  11. Wow lina congrats of getting your new dream car soon,i can assume that is your current dream car thats within your budget and your liking.seems like you have done some research before buying your new car.good!!.well yes viva is too light and you can feel the cheap fealing when you bang to close the door from inside.just plain hollow sound of for myvi,eventhough the car has some punch to its engine,but the overall driving experience especially in term of handling was bad,you must have the heart of steel when engaging corners when you push the car.well lina congrats again for getting your new car share some pics of your new car and some simple review and i will publish your story in my email me at autoinsidermalaysia(at)gmail(dot) sure all of us are waiting for your story

  12. Hi, do you foresee any quality/maintenance issue from this car? DO you think it would have a better reseller price compare to Viva/i10? with the OTR price so near to MyV, would you recommand MyV because it is of better quality/performance? :)

  13. my sister want to buy alto. how about the loan..if dp 8k, loan for 7 years, interest rate is 3.15 much did she ned to pay monthly..and she is a gov servant..gaji bersih tambah elaun= 2300

  14. i sell alto. please feel free to call me Anwar 013-4752303

  15. I gotten the alto last 2 weeks.. but feel the car pick up is slow..
    uphill about 15 slot, with D gear, can't really go. also the fuel comsuptiion also high as 0.17 sen/km... wondering you guys see the same problem?

  16. Omg..pls share ur experience ...i just place alto pink roses last week..not too late for me to change my decision ?

  17. OMG...pls share with me ur experience ..i just place my order for pink roses last weekend ...i hope i dont make wrong decision


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