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Thursday, November 21, 2013

AD: DTOX: Your fast lube service partner.

Is your car due for it’s servicing and it is a hassle for you to get your car to be service? The hassle of having to book the time slot for servicing and the most cumbersome part where you need to spend almost half of your day just for a simple service such as an oil change. Well fret not, now for the first time in Malaysia you can have your car serviced and oil changed in a matter of just 10 minutes at the heart of Petaling Jaya. Yes, it is in PJ with the nearest landmark of just 200m from Hilton Hotel PJ driving toward PJ town and it is in front of the PJ Police Traffic Headquarters.

Founders of DTOX: On the left Mr Hendrik Tan, on the right Mr Chris

DTOX or an abbreviation of Drive Thru Oil change Xpress which is owned and managed by Lean  Concepts Sdn. Bhd. was establish in August 2013 by two co-founders Mr Hendrik Tan and Mr Chris is a drive thru car service concept where they promise to have your car serviced and also payment being made within 10 minutes of your time. The novel idea was originated from the Fast Lube concept which is a proven and a popular car servicing concept in the United States which can be traced back since the early 80’s.

The same novel idea and concept can now be experience by all Malaysian especially for the Klang Valley people where the fast pace lifestyle can pose a big problem just to make time for a simple routine car service. But now you just need 10 minutes to get your car service done and have a peace of mind on the road. Imagine yourself at a drive thru concept of buying your favourite fast food. Drive along order your meal, pay your meal, collect your meal and drive out. Yeap, DTOX is almost the same.  You just drive your car in, select your service package, pay for your service while the car is  being service and drive off. It’s that simple.

At DTOX, they have 4 service bays and 2 waiting bays at each point of time to do the service. You can just drive your car to the specific bays which will be assigned to you, switch off your engine, wind down your window, pop your hood and the servicing will start immdediately. There is no need to jack up your car as each service bays have their own designated service pit for the technician to reach out to the oil filter and also to perform an undercarriage inspection. The suction of the oil was done by a suction machine which was specifically brought in from Italy to perform this job. The machine was so powerful and efficient till not even a single drop of oil can be seen if you open up your car drain plug. I have told you just now you need to select your service package, well at DTOX there are only 3 popular packages you can choose from based on your vehicle needs. It’s dead simple.

The cheapest service package is only RM88 with the use of Mineral oil. You need to choose the engine oil of your choice (Castrol/Shell Helix/Mobil) and now your car is ready for servicing. You can also opt for Semi Synthetic oil change for RM 158 or the Fully Synthetic oil change for RM 248 and all the service packages includes Free Labour, Original Oil Filter and also undercarriage inspection. All types of car are welcome for service here, either you are driving a Perodua Viva or even the sportiest sports car of Porsche. DTOX have all the original parts for your car lube services.

As for the undercarriage inspection, the technician will do the check on possible oil leaks from the engine or bushing or any oil leaks from the suspension and even your fuel and brake lines. If a leak is detected, the technician will jot down the problem, notify and recommend the car owners to send their car to the nearest authorise service centre to rectify the problems.

As for the servicing, DTOX does not only do oil change, but they also do other lube services such as ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) change and also brake oil change and other snap-on items like brake pads replacement, batteries, bulbs, spark plugs, air filter & air condition filter change, wipers and so on but no overhaul and other major repairs. 

Besides that, customers can also opt for their Signature Plus service plan. With Signature Plus service plan, for an additional RM30, customers can have their cars inspected and top up their brake fluid, engine coolant, windshield washers, steering fluid, battery water and 18 points inspection and tire inspection. As for the lubrication top up, you may know some car have an odd engine oil requirement, some cars requires 5.5, 6.5 litres of oil, where normal engine oil packaging only 4 litres, thus it is a waste to force to buy additional 2 litres or even 4 litres of oil even though you only need 1.5 litres of oil, this is what I called a great way to save. 

While your car is being serviced, you can either wait inside your car or you can head to the waiting lounge where you can sip on a free cup of espressolab coffee. If you send your car for service in the morning, according to the co-founder Mr Hendrik Tan, you can even splurge yourself with a nice sandwich or even nasi lemak from 7am until 10am in the morning and guess what, it is also free. According to Mr Hendrik, it is a token to the customer especially when the customer wants to have the car service during a working day and sacrifice their breakfast time to do their service. 

As for customers who wanted to wait inside your car while the car being services, there are two special service bays with ceiling mounted air con hose which supply cold air into your car cabin. Now this is truly a drive thru car service concept.  

DTOX is open every day with opening hours on weekdays from 7am to 7pm and on weekends from 9am till 5pm. There is no need for an appointment, just head down to the DTOX and get ready for the most convenient service. I cannot imagine myself going back to a conventional workshop after my experience with DTOX.

For more information:

Contact Details:
DTOX (Managed and Owned by Lean Concepts Sdn. Bhd.)
Address: No. 2, Lorong 8/1D, Jalan Sultan, Section 8, Petaling Jaya.
Open Daily Weekdays: 7am - 7pm; Weekends: 9am - 5pm
Tel: +603 7958 3869
Facebook: DTOXMalaysia

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