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Friday, March 24, 2017

REVIEW: My Personal Experience With Konica Minolta ICE-µ Car Window Tint Film!!

Hi, all readers of Auto Insider Malaysia. If you remember, couple weeks ago, I published an article regarding the technology behind Konica Minolta ICE-µ car window tint film. If you missed the article, you can find it here

Today, I will be sharing with you my personal experience using the latest Konica Minolta ICE-µ car window tint film. My car was tinted with the latest RS series by the sole distributor of Konica Minolta ICE-µ, Jasa Sarjana Sdn. Bhd. For review purposes, Jasa Sarjana Sdn. Bhd. installed two types of RS Series - RS70-100 for the side and front windscreen and RS40-38 for the rear windows and rear windscreen. For your information, these window tint films are made in Japan, thus you can be assured that the quality and the technology behind it which I have mentioned in my previous article.

Allow me to share with you the installation in 5 steps. 

Step 1 - The technicians will conduct a physical assessment on the car. Once completed, another assessment will take place to ensure that there are no additional scratches or dents.

Step 2 - The technicians will cover the seats and other important interior parts to prevent any damages during the installation.

Step 3 - They will remove the old window tint films (which was installed 3 years ago).

Step 4 – They will clean all the windows and install the new window tint films.

Step 5 – The technicians will conduct a final assessment to ensure that the films are installed properly especially at the edges.

FUN FACT! All the technicians (installers) in Jasa Sarjana are specially handpicked by the management and each has more than 5 years of working experience in the window film industry (I heard that’s the main requirement if you want to be an installer here). 

Removal of the old films is not difficult. However, to remove the old film from the rear windscreen where the demister wires are placed, that’s a bit tricky. Despite that, the technicians managed to remove the old films with ease (skillful + experience).

The whole installation took around 2-3 hours (for my Honda Jazz). After the installation, there are a few things to take note during the first week. DO NOT wind down the car window and DO NOT use the rear demister. WHY? This is to allow the films to ‘settle down’ on your car windows.

After 2-3 weeks, I noticed some difference while driving my car. Firstly, the view from the car’s interior is super clear. If you look from the outside, you can see that the window film has its dark characteristic based on the percentage of Visual Light Transmission (VLS). However, the view from the car’s interior is simply amazing. The view is even more pronounced after washing my car and removing any remaining solution residue on the windscreen. 

As compared to my previous window tint film, even though it has a similar dark characteristic, the visual view is totally different. Unlike Konica Minolta ICE-µ, the old tint film’s dark characteristic also darkens the view from the car’s interior. The tint film from Konica Minolta ICE-µ, on the other hand, really brings out the clear view from inside the car without compromising the dark characteristic on its exterior. It is hard to explain how clear it is as you will need to experience it for yourself.

The next best thing about this new Konica Minolta ICE-µ tint film is the clarity during night drive. As per my previous tint film, sometimes I will experience scattered light source projecting into my eyes from the headlights of incoming cars, and this intensifies during rainy days. As I have astigmatism, the scattered light source projecting into my eyes makes it more difficult to drive. 

Fortunately, this issue did not occur with the new Konica Minolta ICE-µ tint film. Now, the light sources are less scattered and there is a notable reduction in the glaring during my drive at night or even rainy days. The technology behind the Konica Minolta ICE-µ really shows its strength here as not only offering crystal clear view during daytime driving, but night time as well. 

The next thing I want to talk about is the heat rejection of the Konica Minolta ICE-µ tint film as this is the most important thing when choosing a car window tint film. It is pointless to spend your hard earned money if the product does not stand up to its main purpose. I can gladly say that the Konica Minolta ICE-µ does its job really well. 

My experience with the old tint film is rather disappointing as it does not stand up to its claims relayed in the product page. After leaving my car for a few hours under the bright afternoon sun, with the old tint film, it felt as if the car’s cabin has turned in an oven. Even with the car door left open to allow the heat to escape and having the air cond on full blast, it took at least fifteen minutes for the car’s cabin temperature to reach a bearable level. 

With the Konica Minolta ICE-µ tint film, the experience is totally different. Under the same condition, you can still feel the heat escaping from the inside upon entering the car and the car’s interior such as the seats are significantly cooler. Leaving the door open for a moment is no longer necessary and you can drive away almost immediately. With the air cond on full blast, it only requires less than five minutes for the cabin temperature to reach a bearable level and within eight minutes, you will enjoy the full blast of cold air throughout the car’s cabin. Besides that, if you are the type of driver who likes to place their arm on the upper side of the door trim during a drive, you will appreciate that with Konica Minolta ICE-µ tint film, you will hardly feel any heat emitting through the windows.

All in all, based on my experience after reviewing the Konica Minolta ICE-µ tint film, I am truly satisfied of its technological superiority to provide a clear view of driving during day and night, rejecting the blazing heat from the sun and eliminating any electronic wave interference when using mobile phones, GPS or Smart Tag. I can assure you that the investment to install this tint film is worth your money as the Konica Minolta ICE-µ tint film is simply an amazing product that delivers its promises.

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