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Thursday, April 20, 2017

NEW LAUNCHES: DS Automobiles Launched The All New DS 7!!!

As the Shanghai International Motor Show opens its doors to the press, DS AUTOMOBILES has chosen this occasion to unveil its new SUV, DS 7 CROSSBACK, for the very first time in Asia. The first model of the second generation of DS cars, it will go on sale in Asia in the next few months, following its European launch.

With DS 7 CROSSBACK, the Brand is strengthening its SUV range in China, a market where it already offers DS 6. With its powerful and sophisticated styling, DS 6 is the company’s bestselling car in China. DS AUTOMOBILES has chosen the Shanghai motor show to unveil its DS 6 SO PARIS. This ultra-refined model, a product of DS’s expert craftsmanship, is being offered as a limited edition. It is notable for its entirely Red Purple Nappa leather interior - including the dashboard -, (a first for DS 6), which contrasts with its Galena Grey exterior. 

With its sights resolutely set on the technologies of the future, the DS brand is also presenting E-Tense, DS’s take on the plug-in hybrid, as well as DSV-02, its all-electric single-seater, which races in the FIA Formula E Championship. Also not to be missed is DS VIRTUAL VISION, the virtual reality experience that allows you to configure DS 7 CROSSBACK, discover its different personalisation options and to actually get on board.

DS’s 750 m2 stand invites visitors to plunge into the Brand’s universe of French savoir-faire, complete with a virtual reality experience, advanced technology and a world of refinement. No effort has been spared to spotlight the new developments on show at the 17th Shanghai International Motor Show. 

“The Shanghai Motor Show is an essential event for our brand. With DS 7 CROSSBACK, unveiled for the first time in Asia at the salon, we are celebrating the opening of a new phase in our worldwide development. Designed in Paris, this car will be in production in Shenzhen within a few months. This new addition will consolidate our range of SUVs. The complementary duo of DS6 and DS 7 CROSSBACK comes in response to a growing demand,” explains Yves Bonnefont, CEO, DS Brand. “For this latest Shanghai salon, we are unveiling DS 6 SO PARIS, an ultra-exclusive limited edition, which is a veritable display of DS craftsmanship. In doing so, we are delighted to be associated with Wang Kai, the perfect ambassador, who embodies the refinement of this new DS.”


For its first premiere in Asia, DS 7 CROSSBACK will be cloaked in Byzantin Gold paint, ennobling its powerful and sensual body styling. The personality of this beautiful, charismatically-designed object will immediately be clear to the public from: 

· Its impressive vertical DS Wings front-end, which expresses all the nobility, performance and charisma of the car. The newly-designed diamond-shaped radiator grille, with the DS emblem at its centre, is set in a hexagonal frame. 

· The two prominent central midribs of the aluminium bonnet, which draw attention to the DS badge. The sharp angles of the front and rear wings lend definition to the SUV’s flanks and enhance its powerful lines. 

· Its hatchback, which is all curves, and its rear lights, which also contribute to the power and originality of DS 7 CROSSBACK’s lighting signature. Using 3D Full LED technology, the lights incorporate a three-dimensional motif that looks like scales, and which is directly inspired by the avant-garde style of the brand’s latest concept car, DS E-TENSE. 

Visitors will doubtless be mesmerised by DS 7 CROSSBACK’s lighting signature, which makes it immediately distinguishable from all other cars, both at night and by day, and from the front or the back. Faceted like pieces of jewellery, the LED modules (DS ACTIVE LED VISION) of the front lights come on as soon as DS 7.

CROSSBACK is opened, and the purple beams then pivot 180°. The effect is utterly original and the technological innovation involved is hypnotic and spellbinding. During the day, the front headlights made up of pearl-shaped uprights, along with scrolling indicators, underscore the Brand’s highly recognisable lighting signature. 

On top of its charismatic design, DS 7 CROSSBACK is distinguished by the number of technical innovations and state-of-the-art pieces of equipment it brings together, which mean greater safety, safety of mind and comfort for driver and passengers alike: 

· DS PILOT brings together equipment that paves the way for automatic driving: DS CONNECTED PILOT, adaptive cruise control, with lane-keep assist and DS PARK PILOT, an automatic parking system;

· DS SAFETY reflects the Brand’s insistence that its cars meet the most stringent safety standards, and distinguishes itself by including equipment that is new for this market segment. Among which: DS ACTIVE LED VISION headlights capable, due to pivoting LEDs, of projecting a beam that changes length and breadth depending on road conditions and vehicle speed. DS NIGHT VISION, in addition, provides greater visibility during night driving (up to 100 yards) thanks to an infrared camera located in the front grille; and then there is DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING, capable of detecting signs of inattention and tiredness in the driver thanks to an infrared camera located just behind the driving wheel. 

· DS LOUNGE is an expression of DS’s commitment to comfort: DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION is a system of adaptive dampers capable of anticipating imperfections in the road surface by means of constant control of the shock absorbers by use of a camera. This 21st century DS suspension is an effective addition to the latest-generation EMP2 platform, enhanced with multi-arm rear suspension and coupled with bodywork assembled by means of an innovative hard welding technology in order to produce heightened rigidity and exemplary dynamic handling. 

These advanced technologies means that DS 7 CROSSBACK combines a powerful package of innovations with two petrol engine options, producing 180 and 215 horsepower respectively. Coupled with the new, latest-generation eight-speed automatic gearbox (EAT8), the power, torque and efficiency of these engines combined to offer heightened driving pleasure. In addition, there is the launch in 2019 of E-Tense, plug-in hybrid by DS: 300 horsepower (HP), 4-wheel drive, and almost 60 km in zero emission mode. 

DS 7 CROSSBACK’s contemporary and elegant interior is also loaded with technology, with its two 12’’ screens, also a unique feature in this market segment. The first, a high definition screen, within easy reach, allows for easy navigation and operation of the multimedia interface. The second, devoted to the driver’s instrument display is entirely configurable and personalisable. For DS 7 CROSSBACK’s sound system, DS has brought in Focal®, the French leader in professional acoustics and hi-fi. DS has chosen Focal’s exclusive Electra® technology, comprising fourteen loudspeakers, judiciously located around the passenger compartment so that all the passengers, back and front, can enjoy complete surround sound. DS 7 CROSSBACK is fitted with DS CLEAN AIR, a device offering optimal air quality on board, whatever the outside atmospheric conditions. 

DS 7 CROSSBACK is also proof positive of the incomparable excellence of French savoir-faire, combining the elegance of quality materials and an obsessive attention to detail, which is the watchword at DS. DS 7 CROSSBACK will come in five versions (Inspirations) to match individual tastes and desires and to reflect each individual’s temperament: Bastille, Passy, Performance Line, Rivoli and Opera. Visitors to the Shanghai Motor Show will also be able to discover the different ways the car can be personalised thanks to the DS VIRTUAL VISION digital experience. DS 7 CROSSBACK, designed and created in France, will be manufactured in Shenzhen (China) and Mulhouse (France).

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