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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Naza Kia Award Malaysia's Euro 2012 Winners!!!

Naza Kia Malaysia’s EURO 2012 winners who were recently sent to Ukraine and Poland to catch this summer’s biggest footballing event have described the experience as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“The whole EURO 2012 experience was electrifying. My son and I enjoyed the game and it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Airul Redzma Mahpor, who won tickets to the quarterfinal match between the Czech Republic and Portugal in Warsaw, Poland.

Airul, who won two tickets for the match by sending in his Forte for a service during the Kia Customer Day in May, was among the 12 winners for Naza Kia Malaysia’s various UEFA EURO 2012 contests.

“I’m glad to be a Kia owner. Their latest models have increased interest in the brand and when I was in Warsaw, I was proud to see Kias on the road there,” Airul said.

There were four contests in total with the first contest tied-in to the company’s Test Drive Kia On Tour 2012 roadshows where customers who booked or test drove a Kia were in the running for a EURO 2012 ticket.

The second contest was held in conjunction with two Kia Customer Days that were held in March and May respectively. In this contest, customers who made a booking or sent in their cars for a service during the campaign stood a chance to win tickets.

The third contest was held on Naza Kia Malaysia’s official Facebook page where fans were invited to submit videos of themselves celebrating a goal at EURO 2012. The last contest was held in conjunction with the launch of Naza Kia Malaysia’s Test Drive Hub in Bangsar. In this contest, customers had to register for a test drive between April 18 to May 20 to win tickets.

In total, Naza Kia Malaysia gave out 12 tickets to the Group B match between Germany and the Netherlands, two tickets to the quarterfinal between Portugal and the Czech Republic and two tickets to the semifinal between Germany and Italy.

Additionally, Naza Kia Malaysia bore all flight and accommodation costs in for the winners in both Poland and Ukraine.

Mong Xien Tien, who won a ticket for the match between Germany and the Netherlands, said the trip was an unforgettable experience.

“I supported the Netherlands in that game and the best part was that all three goals were scored at the end of the field where we were seated. I think Naza Kia Malaysia has put in a lot of effort to build up their brand recognition in Malaysia and they have some big plans in store for us,” he said.

Mong was among the 12 winners who won tickets for the match that was played at Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Azlan Awaluddin, who was part of the group that travelled to Ukraine, said he was impressed with the scale of Kia Motors’ sponsorship of EURO 2012.

“More and more people will recognize the brand internationally by sponsoring such a big event,” he said.

Oung Hock Lye, who won tickets to the semifinal match between Italy and Germany, concurred, adding the sponsorship of an event as big as EURO 2012 has elevated Kia’s global brand image.

source: Naza Kia Media Release

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