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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All New Kia K3/Forte Viral Video " The K3 Chaser"!!!

The all new Kia K3 or better known worldwide as Kia Forte was recently launched in Korea few weeks ago and its world debut has been rumored to be launched next year. Nothing much has been reveled about the car yet except its exterior styling. None of the pictures of the interior was officially previewed though some spy pictures has been circulating around showing the interior of this car. Now Kia, has recently launched a viral video titled " The K3 Chaser" in Korea, though there is no full interior pictures of the car, but we can see that, the car has been equip with a Start/Stop button, a full colour center supervision cluster for on the meter combination and also a chrome and rubber grip on all the pedals of this car. 

 Most interesting aspect is the OVU features where you can start the car and set the air-condition of your car remotely using OVU apps on your smartphone. Besides that, the car is also equipped with GPS positioning theft deterrent system where you can call a call center and remotely shutdown your car when the GPS system has detected your car. Though this nice features won't see a day on Malaysian road, I do hope Naza Kia can negotiate to have this features available in Malaysian market. Enjoy the video!!!

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