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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Viral Video On The Precise Handling Of The All New Volvo FH Trucks!!

Volvo truck has recently launched a new viral video featuring its latest new Volvo FH line up. The challenge on this video is that Ms Faith Dickey who is the world record-holding highliner will cross a single strand of tight line between 2 speeding Volvo trucks. This viral video was shoot on an unopened highway in Croatia with the help of Hollywood stunt director Peter Pedrero who has directed the stunts in the film of James Bond, Harry Potter and Pirated of the Caribean. For this stunt Ms Faith needs to cross in between this two speeding truck where the challenge lies at the end of the road which is a tunnel opening. Can she make it on time crossing the line. Watch this video and see how this amazing and precise handling of the all new Volvo FH truck

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