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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The new Audi R8 e-tron promotional video!!

Recently Audi has announced plans to launch the R8 e-tron in late 2012, which is set to battle the Mercedes SLS AMG E-cell and most probably the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics green concept car with the R8 features four asynchronous electric motors on each wheel which produce 308hp and a mind blowing 4,500Nm of torque. I could not imagine what would it be driving a car with 4,500Nm of torque. This massive torque would propel the car for a century sprint in just 4.8 seconds.

The car is powered by a liquid cooled lithium ion battery that weight 550kg that manage to store 53KWh of energy which translate to a maximum range of up to 250km but it all depends on your driving style, the need to use of other electrical item and once depleted, the battery can be recharge in six to eight hours with a standard household power outlets, but the charging time can be significantly reduce with the help of rapid charger that reduce the charging time to just two and half hours.

The battery pack has been designed to sit behind the passenger compartment which in turn helps the R8 e-tron to achieved a weight distribution of 42:58 which is identical to the original R8 5.2FSI. To further emphasize the proper weight distribution, the car was design on a 70% rear power basis, but don’t get scary hearing about this as Audi has develop a unique system that can sent the power to the individual wheels with the most traction to regain the composure with the help of torque vectoring capability which allows for “elective acceleration of individual wheels and therefore active distribution of torque” that will see this new Audi handles without any effects of over steer and under steer. Wow for those drifters, you can kiss your drifting style good bye with this new Audi baby. Enjoy the video presentation of this all new Audi R8 e-tron.

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