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Monday, November 22, 2010

Nissan Teana to be launch soon!!!

Here is the latest scoop on the Nissan Teana. Thanks to an anonymous reader who sent me this photo of the new Nissan Teana being caught on showroom floor. Based on the pictures, we know that the car will be launch soon as there is a bouquet of flowers in the showroom and also the preparation does looks like the car will launch soon. Ok lets talk about the car based on the info that has been given to me by the reader.

There will be two version that will be launch in Malaysia, mainly a 2.0 Litre and also 2.5 Litre. Both cars come with Xtronic CVT transmission mated to the above engine. The engines that will come into Malaysia most probably would be the same as what has been offered in Thailand mainly the MR20DE 2.0 Litre engine that can be found on the Nissan Slyphy 2.0 Litre and for the 2.5 Litre engine would probably be the VQ25DE a 2.5 Litre V6 engine.

In terms of safety, both cars comes with a dual air bag, ABS with EBD as standard features with only the VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) can only be found on the higher spec 2.5 Litre engine. Besides that, both cars also will feature a Push Start Stop button a standard keyless entry with trunk release function and for a premium version will get a keyless entry push button on the front door handles to enter the car.

In terms of In Car Entertainment, both cars will feature a 6 disc CD Changer with MP3 playing capability as standard but the premium version will get an extra radio mode and volume control features on the steering wheel. Besides the, audio control on steering wheel, the premium version also will get a cruise control which is also mounted on the steering wheel.

As the car portrays a luxury image, in terms of creature comfort, both cars comes with a fully automatic air condition systems with the premium version will enjoy a further refinement in terms of a soft and plush leather seats.

So far the colour choices as what we can see in the pictures are white and purple grey colour but a full colour palette has not been mention by my reader who sent me this information. He also indicated that, the broucher is still not available for the customer thus full information about the car is only limited to what he can see from his eyes.

This is also includes the most intriguing question which is how much does it cost. Well lucky you readers of Auto Insider Malaysia, thanks to Tan Chong Motors, I have been invited to the launch of this all new Nissan Teana. So stay tune for a more through specification and details of this new baby from Tan Chong Motors. Enjoy the rest of the pics after the jump

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