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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Proton Saga facelift caught uncovered!!!

Well tonight is about the latest scoop that will be install in the motoring news in the coming days. Thanks to an anonymous reader who sent me the latest spy pics of the Proton Saga facelift being caught unmasked we can see how the looks of the Proton Saga facelift.

One of the pics does show a new colour which looks like a navy blue colour that looks way better than the current colour line up for the Proton Saga. From the front angle of the car, which was shot on a white Proton Saga; it does shows how this new Proton Saga looks way better than pre facelift version with the overall headlamp design and the grill design looks much more elegant and sporty with a hint of the 7th generation Honda Accord. The head lamp with a black housing does look so delicious on a white car which further enhances its front end design.

On the rear end design of the car, Proton looks like a bit conservative in changing the design with only the rear combi lamp and also the rear bumper receive a new treatment. The design of the rear bumper does look better but it can further improve if Proton can make the lower end design of the bumper from just a reflector to a black colour diffuser like design with rear reflector on both ends like what we can see from the Proton Inspira. With that hint of design, it does make the rear end looks much more appealing from the current offering.

Now we move on to the interior of the car. Do head after the jump to see how the interior looks like. Well like what I have told in my previous post, based on my inside sources, the Proton Saga facelift premium version will feature a dual front air bags with the lower spec only have a driver side airbags. To further enhance the features of the premium version, Proton has included a 4 door power window system instead of just front door power window in the current version of Proton Saga. In terms of In Car Entertainment, the ICE is still from Clarion, but Proton has include an AUX jack and also USB capability to the ICE setup thus the Y-Gen will be happy with the insertion of this new features. To complete the whole ICE setup is the steering mount audio controls with a new steering wheel design that was carried over from the Satria Neo steering wheel.

So next question is, when the car will be launch? The answer has been indicated by the Proton MD which is during the KL International Motor Show 2010. But sadly according to my sources, Malaysian will not be the first customer to see the new Proton Saga facelift in flesh, as Proton has just exported its first batch of Proton Saga to Thailand to joint its current line up and the consumers of Thailand can have the first glimpse of the car during the Thailand International Motor Show that will be launch on 1st December 2010.

Malaysian can rejoice as the Proton Saga is set to be launched during the Media Preview of KL International Motor Show 2010 on 2nd December 2010. In terms of prices, so far I still haven’t receive any info about it, but from the insertion of new features, I do think that for a Premium version, we might see an increase of RM 3,000 to the current Proton Saga highline price. It’s just an estimate, so please don’t take my word for it. Besides that, based on my sources, currently the new Proton Saga facelift is selling like hot cakes even before the car launches with the indicative numbers of booking has reached 7,000 bookings. Looks like it’s going to be a busy month ahead for Proton as the Inspira has gain so much public interest and now comes the Saga facelift into the fray.


  1. the blue look cute..

  2. good info & spyshots.. any news about Proton showcar @ KLIMS?

  3. Belum launch lagi cemana dah ada booking 7k? Tapi kete tu memang hensem.

  4. Yup from the pic,the blue looks cute, but sources said, another new colour looks way better than any colour being offered for Saga. Looks like we need to wait till the launching to view the other new colour. As for the showcar from KLIMS, from the sources indicated the car that will be showcasing would be the Saga facelift, the Inspira R3 version, Inspira Police car and Exora Extended Range EV. So far thats the only car that has been rumoured to be showcases during KLIMS. No indication yet whether Proton will bring the prototype or mock up sample of the Persona R.

  5. kereta kontot hahahahah

  6. hopefully Proton change their plan & bring some concept car..

  7. any idea about the KLIMS'10?


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