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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Proton ranked top ten total passenger cars sales in Thailand!!

Looks like not only Malaysia enjoy brisk vehicles sales with the TIV this year expected to surplus 550,000 units (final numbers still being tabulated) but our neighboring countries especially Thailand also see good vehicles sales for the first 11 months of the year with a total sales of 707,235 units easily break the record TIV sales of 703,432 units which was set in the year of 2005. This year alone, with only December sales was waiting to be tabulated; Thailand total vehicles sales might reach 800,000 units which is really a new record for them.

Despite being plague with numerous safeties recalls all over the world, Toyota still on top of the charts for both passengers car sales and also pickup sales. In the month of November alone, Toyota manages to secure almost 30,000 units of vehicles with the ratio of almost 50:50 for both passenger cars and also pickup sales. The T badge currently holds 40.8% market share followed by Isuzu with 19.1% market share with the third spot was held by Honda with 14.4% market share. In terms of passenger car sales, the top 3 car sales still being held by Toyota with 40.9% market share or 125,876 units sold followed by Honda with 30.5% market share and Nissan with 8.8% market share or 27,024 units of cars sold.

The biggest market mover was Mazda in terms of overall vehicles which manage to secure 31,113 units of vehicles sold or up 202.7% cars sold when compared to 2009 sales figures. This big jump of sales was contributed mainly from the passenger car sales which amount to a total sale of 25,381 units. The next biggest market mover was Suzuki with an increase of 129.2% of vehicles sales increase when compared to 2009 sales data followed by Mitsubishi with an increase of 105.4% sales increase in 2010 or a total vehicle sales of 34,125 units.

Our local boys Proton still manage to secure in the top ten of passenger cars sales with an increase of 90.6% in 2010 when compared to 2009 sales data with a market share of only 1.6% or a total sales of 4,926 units of cars sold for the first 11 months of the year. This sales data does not include the recent sales being fork up by Phranakorn Auto Sales the current Proton distributor in Thailand during the Thailand International Auto Show in early December 2010. Hopefully the year ending 2010 and also the year 2011 Proton cars can really make an impact into the Thailand market with the recent introduction of Proton Saga FL there in Thailand.

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