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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Video of Nissan Fuga a.k.a. possible Proton Perdana Replacement model!!

Recently as reported in Berita Harian, Proton have started to engage the government to replace the aging Proton Perdana as government official cars to a new Nissan Fuga or better known as Infinity M in Europe and America. So far there is no official press release nor inside sources whistling to my ears about this Nissan Fuga. Compared to its other competitors, the Nissan Fuga is actually slotted within the same class as BMW 5 series, Mercedes E-Class, Honda Legend, Toyota Crown and also Jaguar XF thus this car is indeed very well suited to be used as government official cars. Based on the news, Proton will bring in 150 units CBU from Japan to be use for all top government officials and these new Nissan Fuga will wear the Proton emblem. To me this rebadged programme for the Proton Perdana is one of the first fruitful collaboration between Proton and Nissan after Proton has bought some equity stake of Renault F1 team through its subsidiaries Group Lotus.

Previously we have heard that Proton will use the Nissan V platform which currently penned the new Nissan Micra as the platform for Proton Global Small Car project i.e. the Proton EMAS. Hopefully we can hear some more good news in the pipeline for any future car development collaboration between Proton and Nissan. Mean while for all of you who are wondering how the Nissan Fuga looks like; enjoy the video that I have posted here.

P/s this is the European/American version Infinity M which is essentially the same as Nissan Fuga.

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  1. Whatever may you say, but my liking is only to buy one used Nissan car.
    I don't know which Nissan will be better for me, but I want one used Nissan not older than 4yrs.


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