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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tesla Motors explains the Model S innovations

Tesla Vehicle Engineering - Part 1 from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

The Tesla Model S or codenamed White Star is a car being developed by Tesla Motors of USA and this is the answer for its competitor in the guise of Fisker Karma. As we may know the Tesla are a well known company producing electric car and the bare model of Tesla Model S has been shown on NAIAS in Detroit USA. Based on information that has been provides by Tesla Motors, the model S will come equipped with three types of battery pack and this is depends on what is the customers preference.

The three battery pack can push the car for a journey of 160, 230 or 300 miles per full charge and speaking of full charge, the car can be charge within 45 minutes at nearly any power outlet available next to you. Eventough the car looks like a sports car, space does not seem to be an issue here. The model S can easily accommodate 5 full size adults and 2 children with cargo space which is the best in its class where you can add up the cargo space with a second cargo space under the hood.

The supercar inspired look of this car does not mean that an electric car can’t give you the fun of having your body tuck on the seat while accelerating, the model S with its electric drive can provide you a century speed in 5.6 second with a top speed of 120mph and this electric drive is couple to a single speed transmission. The motor and the power electronics are compactly integrated to the mount within the rear sub frame module thus providing a more usable cabin space and a lower centre of gravity.

In terms of the suspension of the car, the car features a double wishbone virtual steer axis front suspension and also a multi link rear suspension which was made using aluminium and both suspensions are made through modular assemblies. The most complex module would be the rear end where the rear end will consist of sub frame and suspension, the motor, gearbox, power electronics and also the drive shafts.

The most beautiful part of the car besides the sexy design would be the interior design of the car. A step into the car and you will be amazed by the large 17 inches LCD display prominently design on the centre fascia of the dashboard. All the navigation, air conditioning, ICE can be control via the large LCD display.

Based on the information from Tesla Motors, the car will be on the road in the beginning of 2012. While we are waiting for the car to arrive, enjoy the video from Tesla Motors explaining the manufacturing process and also the engineering features of the car.

source: Tesla Motors

Tesla Vehicle Engineering - Part 2 from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

Tesla Vehicle Engineering - Part 3 from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

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