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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Youngman L5 facelift!!! Will Proton bring this car into Malaysian market?

Looks like Proton counterpart in China, Youngman has been very busy the past few years with the launch of various prototypes model and the launch of what might be the facelift version of their own design collabration with Lotus Engineering team which was known as Youngman L5. These three pictures taken from Chinacarforum shows the full face of the car. From the looks of its design, the Youngman L5 does look much different compared to its base model which is the Persona.

The only same specification of the car by dimension is the wheelbase of the car which is unaltered from Persona, but the car has an overall length longer than Persona due to its longer front and rear overhangs. If you have seen the interior of the car which has been circulating around the net, the interior design looks almost the same as what we would found in the Persona and also some hint of design from the Exora, thus we can’t truly say that Youngman has managed to fully redesign the car.

If you look closely at the front bumper of the car, you can see there is a LED daytime running light on top of both front fog lamps and the rear bumper design does resemble the design of Toyota Camry when we look from the side of the bumper and the circular rear reflector that look like it was taken from the Toyota Corolla Altis. So far there is no word whether Proton would bring in this car into Malaysian market as an alternative car for the Persona R when it is launch here in Malaysia thus have your say, would you like to see this car on Malaysian road?

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