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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Geneva 2011 bound Koenigsegg Agera R!!!

A year ago Koenigsegg has unveiled the Agera at Geneva Motor Show, and this year, Koenigsegg will be unveiling the monster version of the Agera know as the Agera R. This new Agera R has seen an engine upgrade of 5 litres twin turbo V8 engine from the previous version of 4.7 litres twin turbo V8 and this new engine upgrade will be spitting out 1,099bhp and a shattering 1200Nm of torque but this can only happen when you use E85 bio fuel. Fuelling with a normal RON 95 petrol can only made the car pushing out 927bhp and 1,100Nm, not too shabby engine output from a lower grade fuel.

Besides this new engine, Koenigsegg also has worked out with Thule a Swedish roof rack manufacturer to create a custom carbon fiber roof box which can be permanently attached as a one piece to the roof panel or you can remove the roof box and attached the standard roof panel that will be stored in the trunk room of the car. Beside the roof rack, Koenigsegg also has work out with Michelin to develop a specially design tyre for the Agera R that can withstand a speed rating of up to 419km/h, the highest speed rated tires in the world. With all the power available to the engine, Koenigsegg also unveil that to further maximize the down force of the car, the car will be equipped with Vortex Generating Rim wheels that can generate a turbine effect which in turn generate the much needed down force.

source: Koenigsegg

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