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Friday, March 11, 2011

Massive quakes in Japan affected Toyota and Honda production!!!

We have seen in today’s news that Japan was shocked with a massive earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale which has triggered a tsunami and shaking building violently as far as Tokyo. This massive earthquake not only brings down the towns to halt but it is also affecting the production plants of Toyota and Honda. The shutdown of the production plant could affect the car being exported in the US such as Toyota Yaris sedan (Vios here), Scion XB, Scion XD and the Honda Fit (Jazz here).

According to Toyota, several factories of in the quake zone and also its affiliates company are also affected in this plant shutdown where this quake zone was reportedly happens off the coast of Sendai north of Japan. In January, one of Toyota subsidiary has opened a new assembly plant just one hour away from Sendai which has the capacity of producing 120,000 vehicles which includes the Yaris Sedan that is meant for US export. Besides that, another neighbouring prefecture of Iwate, also produce small cars such as Yaris Sedan, Scion XB and Scion XD for export also affected with this plant shutdown.

Back to Toyota City in Central Japan, the plant was shut down momentary and it has resumed the production as normal soon after that and there is no injuries reported. Beside the TMC, Toyota suppliers; Toyota Boshoko Corp and Denso Corp, Toyota’s biggest parts makers both reportedly suffered some plant damage while it is still uncertain about any affects to TMC main production system.

Besides Toyota, Honda also has shut down its two assembly plant soon after felting the tremor, but Honda Suzuka plant in central Japan resumed the operation soon after that. Meanwhile Honda’s Sayama plant in north Tokyo which is closer to the epic centre of the quake remained shut down till late today and this production plant is reportedly producing the Honda Fit bound for US market. At Honda’s R&D Centre at Tochigi prefecture, it has reported that one person has died due to this quake while 30 were injured when the quake toppled a wall at the facility’s cafeteria.

Source: Automotives News
Photo source: Reuters

Auto Insider Malaysia
All my prayers to the resident of Japan especially near the epic centre of the quake and my condolence to the parents, brother, sisters and relatives of readers of Auto Insider Malaysia who has died during this quake.

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