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Monday, March 28, 2011

Nasim recreates a creative new after sales initiative!!

Nasim Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of the Peugeot brand in Malaysia, has launched a new after-sales initiative aimed at providing its customers with in-depth understanding of their vehicles as well as the essential maintenance tips for their Peugeots.

Kicking of this initiative was the Discover Peugeot 3008 seminar which was held March 26 at the Grand Dorsett Hotel in Subang Jaya for 50 owners of the Peugeot 3008.

The two-hour long seminar included an in-depth presentation on the various features of the 3008 as well as practical sessions on 14-point checks and basic maintenance tips.

“This is a new initiative that’s being undertaken by Nasim to further grow the Peugeot brand. In the coming months, we will have seminars on the other models in our line-up such as the 207, 308 and the 5008.

“It is essential that our customers get the very best out of their vehicles. At the same time, this is an opportunity for us to get to know our customers better,” said Dato’ Samson Anand George, COO of Nasim.

The Discover Peugeot 3008 seminar was free-of-charge for 50 owners of the 3008 who were also invited to bring along a guest. Nasim had sent out invitations for the seminar to all 3008 owners in the country and the first 50 to RSVP were given seats for the seminar.

During the presentation segment of the seminar, owners were given an in-depth explanation to the various safety technologies featured in the 3008 such as ABS, ESP, deadlocking, airbag deployment, dynamic roll control as well as the various impact zones in the SUV that are designed to minimise injury to the driver and passengers.

In the practical session, the owners were shown the proper methods in changing tires, jump-starting a flat battery, deadlocking, re-programming their keys, checking engine oil, power steering fluid and coolant levels as well as releasing the electronic parking brake on a flat battery.

Since its launch in June 2010, Nasim has sold some 500 units of the 3008 while there are still undelivered bookings of 250 units.

The 3008 is a multiple award-winning SUV that blends style, performance, dynamics and luxury without compromising fuel efficiency and safety.

Featuring characteristics common in hatchbacks and SUVs with sedan-like road-handling abilities, the 3008 is equipped with a cockpit-like interior that is centric to the driver.

Priced at RM146,888, the 3008 comes with an array of features commonly found in premium continental vehicles such as a head-up display (HUD) panel. Located behind the instrument panel in front of the driver, the HUD can be raised or lowered by a flick of a switch while its brightness can also be adjusted according to the driver’s preference.

The HUD in the 3008 presents at all times the driver’s vehicle speed while cruise control functionality and speeds are also displayed when engaged.

Besides HUD, other premium qualities to the 3008 includes a plush leather interior, 17 sq ft panoramic glass roof made of dark-tinted laminated glass.

Another key characteristic of the 3008 is its multiflex interior whereby everything is designed in the vehicle to offer an accessible and intelligent load space adaptable for all kinds of leisure activities.

In particular, load space is easily accessible as a result of the ability to divide the tailgate in the 3008 into two parts while the boot floor can be compartmentalized thanks to its three-way height adjustment offering up to 1,604 litres of boot space.

Both the rear seats and the front passenger seat can be lowered to offer a flat load area from the rear tailgate to the front fascia panel of up to 2.62 metres.

On the performance end, the 3008 features a 1.6L turbocharged engine that is capable of producing 156 hp and 240 Nm of torque. This engine is Peugeot’s latest Euro 5 engine featuring high pressure direct petrol injection and a fuel consumption of 7.7-litres per 100 km (EU mixed cycle).

The 3008’s engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission that comes with Triptonic functionality and a sports mode.

Drivability on the 3008 is further enhanced by its dynamic roll control (DRC) which features a hydraulic central module connecting the two rear shock absorbers that enables it to operate as a third shock absorber consisting of a floating piston and a hydraulic compensation reservoir.

As such, when taking corners, this system hydraulically links the right and left rear shock absorbers thus making it possible to increase the damping effect. This in turn enables the 3008 to take corners as flat as possible and reduce body roll.

As for safety, the 3008 has a five-star NCAP rating and comes standard with six airbags, ABS, EBD, brake assist, brake force distribution, anti-skid regulator and dynamic stability control.

source: Nasim Sdn. Bhd.

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  1. Me? I'd still go for those Japanese cars. A lot more durable than these ones.


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