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Monday, March 21, 2011

Interior spy shots of new Myvi 2011 revealed!!!

Looks like the cat is out of the bag, barely hours of displaying the exterior pics of the new 2011 Myvi, the interior shot of the car has found its ways on the internet. Through the source of Arena Kereta and Funtasticko Design the interior shot of the car finally can be seen to us readers of Auto Insider Malaysia. Looks like Perodua has upgrade the interior of the car which sport a different in panel design as compared to what Toyota and Daihatsu was offering in the land of the rising sun. This car shown on the pictures was rumoured to be in the Elegance variant which sport a manual transmission with a 2-DIN LCD ICE system. In terms of air-conditioning, Perodua has sport the same design of employing circular air cond knob design as what currently employed in the Perodua Alza. Most probably, Perodua has taken steps to commonize the parts so that they can increase the local content for this car.

If you look further, the center of the in panel has an empty slot, according to the inside source, the empty slot for this manual transmission car will be fill by an automatic gear knob on the dashboard of the car for the automatic variant for this all new Myvi 2011. The Optitron meter of the new Myvi was also rumoured to have the same blue and whitish hue as what can be found in the Toyota Camry. So far no confirm information that this new Myvi will feature an in dash GPS navigation but I can safely assume Perodua will featured this new equipment on the high spec model. So readers, do you still think that Perodua will launch this car in July or September this year?

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  1. This model has some seriously heavy disguise on but the bright yellow paint job as well as the different grille on the front compared to the previous spyshot we saw indicates that this might be a sporty “Myvi SE” version.


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