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Thursday, April 15, 2010

2011 Suzuki Swift prototypes spied at Nurburgring!!

These are the new set of pictures of taken for the the in famous Nordschleife track of the new 2011 Suzuki Swift. The duo has been circling the track to gather the data for the development of these new cars.

From the pictures we can see that the car will have a small front spoiler - or a similar looking element - jutting out from the bumper. Besides that, we can see that, it uses the turn signal indicator on the fender instead of at the wing mirror which is standard features on the current Suzuki Swift we have seen on our roads.

Based on the pictures also we can see the headlamps and also the tail lamps of the car which is seen to be quite similar to the lightings that we seen on the current ongoing model.

As for the profile of the car, it’s hard to imagine how it looks like in the flesh as the padding is quite extensive. Maybe soon we can see more flesh on the car when the impending launch is near and Suzuki start shedding more of its padding.


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