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Friday, April 16, 2010

Alfa Romeo Giulietta to hit European Market Soon

I've always fond of Italian cars. Even though Italian cars are famous with its reliability issue be it mechanical or electrical, but people do still loves to own one in their entire life. To me Italian cars have their soul and characters in built to it cars with its own sexy and unique styling. Now comes a new Alfa Romeo Giulietta the replacement of Alfa Romeo 147. As many has says, the new Alfa model would be the determined factors of Alfa Romeo survival. With the Fiat SpA CEO Sergio Marchionne, Alfa’s parent company has hinted as quote “We need to be realistic with what Alfa can and should do," he told reporters at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit."2010 is a make or break it for Alfa ... Alfa plays in a very, very difficult market because strategically it has an ambition to go after higher-end German cars. When you look at execution, it's been relatively poor," he said.”

It’s a very strong word from the top man of Alfa’s parent company. The Giulietta has an uphill task to accomplish what it should achieve for the survival of the Alfa brand. With this, Alfa has revealed the specification of the Giulietta with five different turbocharged four-cylinder engines when it goes on sale.

Amongst these is the 235 PS (173 kW / 232 bhp) 1750 TBi petrol units that will be featured on the Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde. The direct-injection model has a "revolutionary scavenging control system" that reduces turbo lag. As such, the 340 Nm (251 ft-lb) of torque is available at 1,900 RPM.

Other petrol engines featured include a 120 PS (88 kW / 118 bhp) 1.4-liter, and a 1.4-liter Multiair that produces 170 PS (127 kW / 168 bhp). The two second-generation MultiJet turbodiesels include the 1.6-liter model that churns out 105 PS (77 kW, 104 bhp), and the 170 PS (125 kW / 168 bhp) 2.0-liter unit.

Each of the engines is fitted with Start/Stop to improve fuel consumption and reduce emissions. The engines are mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, though the 170 PS petrol and diesel units will be available with a dual-clutch automatic.

The Giulietta has three different driving modes - All weather, Normal, and Dynamic - the driver can select through the Alfa DNA unit, which adjusts items like the suspension and electronic differential. The 4.35-meter long vehicle will ride on 16-inch wheels that may be upgraded to alloys, 17-inchers, or 18-inch wheels. Customers who buy the Quadrifoglio Verde get the 17-inch wheels standard.

Other features include LED daytime runners built into the front headlights, rear LED light clusters, and an ergonomically-designed interior. The car's dashboard is a replica design of that found on the 8C Competizione.

When the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is released, new car buyers will be able to choose from two trim levels and two options packages.

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  1. Yup...this car look sporty but i still prefer VW Scirocco.Giulietta's cabin looks similar with the Scirocco....mmm....its kind of normal trend in automotive industries that competitor tend to benchmark and follow the best....Laporfo


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