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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mazda 3 Recalls!!

Yet another recall, now its Mazda turns. The models that involved with the recall were the Mazda 3 which was call Mazda Axela in Japan. The market currently involved is in Japan and China. Models for the North American market were not affected as they are slightly different from then models that we can on the Asian market. The recall was to fix an oil hose. The problem happens when driving on rough road for an extended period of time that could cause the oil hose to rub against the radiator’s protective panel causing the oil to leak with wear

In the worst case, the car could not be started due to the leaking of the oil if the engine is in off position as the car disables its self from starting. If the leak were to happen during the car is in motion, the car will automatically go to “Safe Mode”, allowing the car to only drive slowly on a single gear. To detect the problem of this issue look for a sign of:

1. “Engine Check” indicator or some other warning signal on the instrument cluster will appear.

2. There will be sign of oil leakage where the car is left stationary.

So far currently there are no accidents or even complaints from the customers have been recorded in Japan but we are not sure if there are any reports has been filled by the Chinese customers. According to Reuters, there were 89,822 cars in Japan and China were affected with this recall with a possibility of another 191,503 units sold outside Japan and China could be subjected to repairs. Bermaz Motors has issue a precautionary measure to do precautionary checks on these cars. The car involved are Mazda3/Mazda Axela (previous model) manufactured from January 2006 till March 2009, however the new models of Mazda3 sport was not affected with this recall. For further details please call Mazda Malaysia hotline at 1800-22-8080 or email at

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