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Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Bentley Mulsanne Interior Craftsmanship detailed

This featured video shows the details of how Bentley crafted the interior of the new Bentley Mulsanne. This car which was reported to be available in Malaysia on April 14th has a very extensive array of choices on how you want to customise the car. The Mulsanne interior is adorned with a mirror matched wood veneers which take 5 weeks to make which is available in the choices of Walnut, Piano Black, Oak, Bird’s Eye Maple, Vayona, Olive Ash or Sapelli Pommele and a total of 400 hours to assemble the whole car.

There are 114 exterior paints, 21 carpeting hues and 24 leather hides that used a complex tanning process to create a rich, mature leather aroma, the leather can be had in both single tone and duo tone combination. “We once tried to calculate all the possible permutations of exterior colour, wheels, interior trim features, veneers, main hide and secondary hide,” recalls Melinda-June Jenkins, Head of Colour and Trim. “In the end we decided there were more than a billion possible variations.” This means that Crewe could produce its current output for something like 100,000 years without making two identical cars if it so chose.

On the inside, Bentley equipped the Mulsanne with an 8 inch multimedia screen, which is covered by a veneered door when not in use. How much does this luxury costs you. A whopping RM 3.17 million, according to the 329 percent of duties imposed on a car in this category. Well a car that is way out of my small pocket range. Definitely the big and rich boys toys.
Jump to the link below to view the video and pictures of the car.

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  1. Mmm...looks very exclusive work of wonder super rich willing to pay more to looks different with others...
    Hand made for world expensive cars consider unique but for national car seems to be the other way...i wonder when this kind of perception will change...Laporfo


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