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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ferrari issues an official recall for the Ferrari 458 Italia!!!

We have read on the internet for the past few months that there have been numerous engine fires that were involved with Ferrari’s latest hot baby the Ferrari 458 Italia. Looks like the supercar maker is not invisibles thus they also makes mistakes.

Ferrari today has announced an official recall for the 458 Italia for the engine fires issue which were linked to an adhesive used to attached a heat shield under the rear fender that reported can ignite under high temperatures which in turn leading to a bigger fire in the engine bay. To remedy the issue, Ferrari has designed a new heat shield that attaches with rivets thus eliminating the need to use adhesive.

Ferrari has urged the respective owners to call their dealer to schedule an appointment for the free fix. So far no words coming out from Ferrari of how they will deal with the cars that has been totally lost under fire due to this issue, whether they will compensate with a new car or some special arrangement with the insurance company of how to settle this issue.


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