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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Official unveiling video and pictures of the all new Bentley Continental GT

Enjoy this lovely video of the unveiling of the new Bentley Continental GT. The unveiling is very unique which the laser beam lights up unveiling the lines of creases on the body panel bit by bit till the full unveiling showing the whole car. A very exciting video indeed. Some info about the newly unveiling Bentley, well it may look identical to the outgoing model, but Bentley has assured that each body panel is completely new. If you look closely, the creases on the body line of this new GT is much more prominent, the side windows are slightly longer and the beltline is slightly higher.

Besides that, you look closely to the new taillights and you can see it was inspired by the Mulsanne model and to complete the exterior overhaul, there’s a new grille to this new car. The minor changes does include the interior design as well as the overall interior design was carried over design with changes limited to the new infotainment system, used of higher quality material and also a floating center stack. Legroom for the rear passenger also has been improved slightly by 2 inches and this is achievable by trimming the front seat to achieve this new found interior spacious.

Performance wise, Bentley has installed new aluminium suspension components; a 40:60 split all wheel drive system and a new steering system. Besides that, in terms of engine, the Continental GT will be powered by a revised 6 litre W12 engine which produces an astounding 567bhp and astonishing 516 Nm of torque an increase of 15bhp and 50Nm of torque compared to the previous model. With this enhanced engine, it will propel the car to century sprint in 4.4 seconds with a top speed of 319km/h. Enjoy the pics and video after the jump.

source: Bentley


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