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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Front end look of the Proton Inspira aka Proton Waja Replacement

This is the moment you have been waiting for, the real undisguised image of the Mitsubishi based Waja replacement that has make any MIVEC fans waiting eagerly. Thanks to the blog of Funtasticko design for this image from this blog post and now we can clearly see the design of the new Waja replacement as compared to its MMC counterpart. Beside the front end look of the car, based on this blog post, sourcers from funtasticko design has also revealed a rumored name of this Waja Lancer with reportedly be name Proton Inspira. So far based on my sources, the name of this car has not be revealed yet but the name Inspira is a good name to begin with for Proton.

Ok back to the look of the design, Proton has change the shark aggressive design of the Lancer to a more tame design which to me mimics the Volvo S40. If you make the grill larger and have a silver line grill running across the aspect ratio of the grill, Walla you have a S40 grill design. For the rest of the shape, I don’t think Proton will change much except for the rear bumper as we have seen the spy video exclusively features in TV3 Buletin Utama news slots where the rear bumper features a diffuser like design as what we can see on the Kia Forte or the TRD Toyota VIOS.

So what about the timing of the launch? Well Proton’s MD has indicated that a soft launch will be held after the Hari Raya holidays and until now there is now news or inside scoop whistling to my ears but I do have some interesting hint when the car will actually be launch. Based on my inside sources, the Waja replacement will be launch in early of November 2010 and hopefully there is no change in the dates as what has been told to me. So when is the actual date? Stay tune for this space.


  1. the name is not confirmed yet..but it's already has their fan club at facebook.. ;)

  2. So basically proton learned its lesson and went back to mitsubishi like back in the old days before the Waja. Its kinda funny cause the Waja was the very first Proton car designed from the ground up by malaysians only and the Inspira which is said to replace the Waja was created through a partnership with Mitsubishi.

  3. buat taxi pon best gak nii..kaler merah/biru

  4. Well I can assure you, as usual, maybe Proton will introduce the taxi version for this Inspira to change the aging Waja Taxi especially for the Airport Limo operators


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