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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Latest round of Waja Lancer pics

Wow look like there is a lot of interest in the new Waja Lancer and this the latest round of pics from Funtasticko shown the latest pic which shows the rear end look of this car. Well the circles are nearly complete. We have seen the interior pics on the previous post, and the only pics left to look at is how the sport rim will look like and also how many inches it will be. Will it be the same as what has been installed in the current Lancer which is 18 inches, or Proton might opt for a smaller diameter which is 17 or 16 inches so that the cost will be cheaper and it will not burden the customer when the tyre replacement is needed. Hopefully soon we can see those rim roaming in the cyber space.


  1. nice job...seems to be more elegance and can fit it to more spread ages...personally i think the lancer produce by proton will be well received as the price is reasonable, ride & handling tune are much more superb & proven...anyway,i look forward to test drive it...hehe

  2. Yes the current Proton design might blend well to cater other age group, but for the racer type of buyer, I'm sure they going to change the front bumper and make it looks like an Evo. Its going to be a very good business for chop shop then. About the handling, my latest info tells me that, the ride and handling of this Waja Replacement is much better then the one's in the standard Lancer and it has been tested together with Mitsubishi engineers. They were impress with what has been done by Proton in terms of ride and handling

  3. but it will never impress our local bashers here...they will say Japanese is better & superior..typical Malaysians

  4. it's their right...furthermore they got an option, if they got a lots of money they can opt to buy original fair enough..
    proton is replacing waja that has been in the market for ~10 yrs, if they are building totally new change model surely the cost will shoot up, so i think with cooperation with MMC the investment cost will be much lower and they got a new replacement model for waja and other intangible benefits (like techno transfer)..etc...


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