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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tune your car for more power and increase fuel efficiency with SKN Tuning brought to you by APD

As I have mentioned in my previous post, APD has recently appointed as a sole distributor for SKN Tuning Gmbh a company based in Hannover Germany. SKN started its business with manufacturing and producing engines in the late 80’s and its started venturing to ECU tuning when they first stumble upon the Bosch Motronic ECU and since then they never looked back for ECU tuning.

Currently SKN have 25 staff where 5 of them are software specialist that experts in software modification and dyno testing and they are so experience that they can handle everything from designing new software to testing the software in order for the software to run as intended such as passing the TUV test, emission test and also noise tests. The other 20 staffs are specialist in turbochargers, superchargers, exhaust systems and suspension system.

SKN staff started off mostly from mechanical background unlike other tuning car companies which were started off from computer and electronics background, thus having the knowledge of mechanical side, it is an advantage to SKN as compared to others as other tuners is excellent in computer tuning but some of them are barely know what is going on inside the engine thus having both mechanical and computer technical knowledge making SKN a complete tuner all around.

SKN does not focus solely on one brand like other tuners such as Brabus and Gemballa, but SKN focus all brands thus it gives them a wider coverage of many types of consumers and covers a broader range of market share. All of their products are TUV approved thus quality is assured for its customers. Besides engine tuning, SKN also sell exhaust systems, suspension system, wheels, turbo, supercharges and intercoolers from various makers and they will offer advice to their customers what is best for their cars.

So I have spoken a lot about SKN, now what APD has to offer in terms of SKN product. Basically, APD currently offers tuning of ECU and there are 2 options available for APD customers. The first one is the ECO tuning and the second one is the Power tuning. The names of the tuning option speaks on their own and I’m sure you already knew what’s it’s all about.

The first option is ECO tuning. What ECO Tuning offers is an increase of less than 10bhp to the car engine but in return it will provide at least 20 to 30% increase in fuel efficiency to the engine. How it is done, it by altering the codes on the ECU. Basically all cars with ECU are design of achieving such amazing increase of horsepower and fuel efficiency, but to tune the cars based on the where the markets is, based on the fuel quality and other various factors such as homologation requirement of each country, it will be too expensive for car manufacturers to introduce such ECU for specific markets, thus normally car manufactures will have a baseline setting to covers almost all market requirement for the country of the car to be sold thus, limiting its potential of engine.

Through ECO tuning, SKN through APD will copy the current ECU codes in the car and alters it based on the type of vehicle and which country it will be use and reinstalled it to the cars without voiding the warranty of the vehicle. Even though the codes have been altered, the car still can be tune using the normal car manufacturer’s diagnostic tools thus saving all the hassle to the customers. The ECO tuning currently on offers by APD starts from RM1500 onwards depends on types of vehicle and the makes. SKN are experts in tuning almost all vehicles be it cars, truck and even busses thus it offers a wide range of customers from sole car owners to companies with a fleet of car, truck of busses.

The amount of saving is truly tremendous as even the customers are not happy with the performance or the fuel efficiency it provides, SKN through APD will be refunding the money as this is tuning option is a full money back guarantee. Customers who are not happy with the tuning just need to send their cars back to APD and APD will load the original manufacturer’s codes writing back to the ECU thus it is basically a true customer focus experience with no worries.

As for the second option, the Power tuning, it is also available for all car, truck and busses owners who wish to add more power to their vehicle. The increase in power varies to the stages that the customers requires, and even the modest stages, SKN promise it will increase of minimum 20% of power and it is available through APD starting from RM2000 onwards depends on types of tuning and also types of vehicle. You can learn more about SKN from their website at


  1. Hi,

    Is it available in malaysia?

    thank you

  2. is it available in malaysia?

  3. Yes it is available here in Malaysia. Do email me if you more info.


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