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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mazda Shinari live pictures plus video

This is the latest video on the new Mazda design language; the Mazda Shinari which essentially will replace the current design language of Nagare which is known for its smiley face front grill signature.

The new design language will feature a better looking grill which in line with other automakers design like we can see on the latest Mercedes offering and also the new design language of Peugeot. With other car makers introduce more tense and organic lines on the skin panel of the car body, currently I’m not sure what will Mazda offer to differ from other car makers.

Looks like the next decade we can look at a more dynamic and sporty looking kind of car design with even the Korean’s have venture into this design language based on the fluidic sculpture design on the latest Hyundai line up.

We can expect this new design language will be paired with the latest engine from Mazda in guise of Mazda Sky G(Gasoline) and Sky D (Diesel) engine that essentially their own design that can offer a very respectable power output but also fuel efficient.

That’s not all coming from Mazda in the future, according to Mazda North America design director Derek Jenkins says, "We want to play in the same group as BMW and Audi. On fit and finish we want the same level of quality. Wow a very powerful statement indeed and I’m really looking forward for this. I’ve been always fond to the current Mazda design especially the Mazda 6, thus I’m very eager to look what will be penned for the Mazda 6 based on the new found design language.

Hopefully, Bermaz Motors will have their think tank thinking of assembling the car here in Malaysia in terms of CKD packs which hopefully can make the price of Mazda cars much more approachable to the masses.


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