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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Special unbelievable price for Proton Savvy and Proton Gen2 MC3 for limited time only!!

Yes this is not a joke or a scam. This truly unbelievable price is for limited time only based on first come first serve basis. Units are limited and I can assure you this is a new car fresh from the production. But there is a catch for you to get hold of this new car. The down payment of this car would be around 20% of the price of the car or roughly around RM 6,700.00 to RM 10,000 depends on models that you choose in order for you to enjoy this special price. Only serious buyers need to apply. Do email me at autoinsidermalaysia[at]gmail[dot]com for further information if you do require. Complete list of price after the jump

Model                                                  Normal Market Price      Special Price

Savvy 1.2MT Medium Line Solid                 RM 39,427.00           RM 31,599.00

Savvy 1.2MT Medium Line Metallic             RM 39,974.00           RM 31,982.00

Savvy 1.2AMT Medium Line Solid               RM 42,050.00           RM 33,435.00

Savvy 1.2AMT Medium Line Metallic           RM 42,916.00           RM 34,041.00

Savvy 1.2MT High Line Solid                     RM 42,383.00           RM 35,787.00

Savvy 1.2MT High Line Metallic                 RM 43,276.00           RM 36,457.00

Savvy 1.2AMT High Line Solid                   RM 44,494.00           RM 37,371.00

Savvy 1.2AMT High Line Metallic               RM 44,949.00           RM 37,712.00

Gen2 1.6AT Medium Line CPS MC3 Solid     RM 54,538.00           RM 48,630.00

Gen2 1.6AT Medium Line CPS MC3 Metallic RM 54,988.00           RM 48,990.00

Gen2 1.6MT High Line CPS MC3 Solid         RM 57,038.00           RM 53,482.00

Gen2 1.6MT High Line CPS MC3 Metallic     RM 57,488.00           RM 53,865.00

Gen2 1.6AT High Line CPS MC3 Solid         RM 60,038.00           RM 56,032.00

Gen2 1.6AT High Line CPS MC3 Metallic     RM 60,488.00           RM 56,415.00


  1. Proton's 2010 annual report

  2. waja lancer "sneek preview" from Buletin Utama & Nightline

  3. Thanks for the infor funtasticko, well as I do hope you like what you saw on the sneak preview of the waja lancer. As i have mentioned to you, your illustration does not differ from the real car. Congrats!!, now lets wait for the November launch. Pinch me for more info hahahahah

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