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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All new Toyota Vitz/Yaris brochure leaked on the internet

Toyota Japan soon will be busy to get ready to present is latest generation of its Japanese domestic market Toyota Vitz which is essentially Toyota Yaris as what it has been called here in Malaysia. Toyota Japan has setup a teaser site for this all new Vitz and according to the site, the car will go on sale in Japan in December 2010.

Luckily with the borderless communication, a leaked brochure image of this new car has found its way on the internet, and finally we can see the final design of the new car. Based on the pictures of the all new Toyota Vitz; it has showed us that Toyota is now ready to change its design from the safe approach to a more aggressive kinda looks with the car has seen a much shorter height of 20mm compared to ongoing models, and much longer car of 100mm has been added in total length where 50mm of the added length has found its way to the wheel base thus the new Yaris will have an improve interior cabin space compared to the current model. Enjoy the rest of the pics after the jump

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