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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Video galore of the all new Hyundai Avante MD

This is one of the models that I have much anticipated to be brought in by Hyundai Sime Darby Motors which is the Hyundai Avante MD, the replacement of the current Hyundai Avante X20 that was currently being sold in Malaysia. A look at the price in Korea reveals that the new Hyundai Avante with the highest spec which is the “Premium” version only sells for RM 53,000 if convert from Korean Won to Malaysian Ringgit. That is so cheap if you look at the specification and electronic features that being offered there in Korea.

If we count in the tax being impose if it is imported as CBU in Malaysia plus the profit margin by Hyundai Sime Darby, we may look at the price to be offered here for the new Avante would be at the same levels or a little bit higher (better profit margin for HSDM) as all the car range in Korea features the 1.6GDI engine which is not the same as what being offered now on the current model. Being a smaller engine displacement would mean less tax being impose for the import and excise duty for this new model. I really hope that HSDM would bring in the car here soon, as current wave of Hyundai car has started to see it shine here as more Malaysian already seen being receptive to this Korean marque. Any way enjoy the video clips being short in Korea about this new Hyundai Avante after the jump.

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