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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Proton Inspira Phase 2 is on the card!!

The waiting is over by today’s afternoon as Proton will unveil the Waja Replacement aka Proton Inspira.  Based on my readers they said that by looking beyond the glass of Proton COE complex besides the KESAS highway shows a lot of activity is going on thus we can sufficiently assume that the soft launch of the Proton Inspira will be happening at Proton COE complex. Based on my insider info, there will be 4 colours available for this new Proton Inspira which is the Solid White, Genetic Silver, Plum Red and Tranquillity Black and the actual launching date has been revelled that it’s going to be launch on 10th of November 2010. 
Booking for this model will begin tomorrow but actually some dealers have accepted the booking of this new Proton Inspira by booking it under the Perdan V6 and later change the booking information to Proton Inspira. Some of my readers have indicated that some salesman has even received more than 20 bookings even before this is open for official booking. By looking at this scenario, looks like the waiting list for this car maybe long thus if you are planning to buy this car, then you should make your move now and place the RM1000 booking fee for the Proton Inspira.
So what’s next that will be installed by Proton. Based on the reports by Motor Trader, a phase 2 version which is more localize version will be next for this new Proton Inspira thus it has confirm my inside sources that a phase 2 version in on the card for the Proton Inspira. Based on the info that I’ve got is that Proton will rolled out the phase 2 version of this new Proton Inspira which will sport the major changes to the design of the car. This will includes the changes on the exterior of the car and also the changes on the interior of the car. The parts that will be use for this phase 2 version is more localize compared to the phase 1 which is 70% parts from Japan and 30% localize part and rumours has indicated that the phase 2 version of the Proton Inspira can hit the road within the next 12 months after the phase 1 of this car has been launched.
That will be tough for the buyers to decide now, whether you want the Japanese look or modified look by Proton which we know have always inject the sportiness in it design of cars. Only time will tell. So for the time being, let’s enjoy the soft launch that will be held today. Cheers readers of Auto Insider Malaysia

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  1. wow..great info! tq for sharing this...can't wait for the phase 2 version soon..


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