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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The latest ICE technology from Volkswagen

This is one of the latest technologies Volkswagen is in testing which is using the cables connectivity to connect your phone not only for the music streaming but also pairing the phone with the touch screen head unit of the VW cars.

Volkswagen called it Terminal Mode, which allows VW’s touch screen to the display exactly what is showing on your smartphone screen which easily said an extension to the phone screen. Now what's on your phone, can just be a fingertips away with this extension of the screen such as GPS, music, text messaging, weather updates, twitting right on a highly visible location.

The is system is still in development stage as currently VW testing it with resistive screen which will have a slightly slower responses as compared to capacitive screen but Volkswagen has promise that the end product will use the latter technology. This piece of technology will further spur the development of paid automobile apps as it will be a very cost effective and also a very easy solution to offer a better integration between the phone and also the car head units.

To tell you the truth, I have seen this piece of technology first hand, but not from VW but from Continental AG of Germany where currently Continental also is still in developing stage of producing the same system to be offered to OEM of car audio manufacturer. The units being develop from Continental using the same approach of having use cables as the means of data transmission as what we can on this Volkswagen test unit. 

source: Engadget 

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