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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All new Volkswagen Beetle caught uncovered!!

This is the latest spy shot of the all new Volkswagen Beetle that was caught uncovered in the States. Overall the look of this new Bug is an evolution from the current design with only an avid eye can tell difference of the old design vs. the new design which is not bad either as even BMW takes the same approached for the iconic Mini car.
The most noticeable difference will be the roof line of the new car compared to the current design. The A-pillar of this car also has seen some changes which are a bit further in ward compared to the current design thus eliminating the blind spot issue of the current design.
I have my friend who drives this car and he says the blind spot is quite annoying as it is quite hard to see any incoming cars especially when negotiating at a tight bend as the current design, the driver sits further back to accommodate the large top surface of the dashboard.
With the introduction of the new Bug in Malaysia, I’m sure VW of Malaysia is eyeing for another sale success as currently the Beetle model is one of the best selling model here in Malaysia apart from the Golf GTi’s

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