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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Suzuki of Japan recalls Suzuki Swift and three other models!!!

Suzuki of Japan has just filed with the Japan transport ministry of a worldwide recalls for the Suzuki Swift and three other models that has not been disclose yet due to problems with the car’s side mirrors as over time strong vibration could cause the screws to loosen and might result in the mirrors to falling off from the door. So far Suzuki has received 77 complaints on the matter but no accidents have been reported. The total numbers of cars being subjected to recalls are 282,617 units where 192,000 units are cars being sold abroad and 90,167 units are cars being sold in Japan. So far no news yet from the local distributors of Suzuki Swift which is Suzuki Malaysia Automobiles Sdn. Bhd. I will try to get the latest news about this recalls whether the cars being assemble here also subjected to the recalls. Stay tune for more updates.

source: Reuters


  1. I'm from the Philippines, and someone from suzuki corporation (based locally) called me and asked if I could bring my unit to any authorized suzuki dealer or to where I actually got my car.

    A little skeptic for a while but you said it. Gotta have my baby fixed anyday this week. :)

  2. Yes, the recall is for real, i'm happy that my information does gives you a clear idea what is going on for Suzuki cars


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