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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A glimpse of 2011 Peugeot cars line up here in Malaysia!!!

Nasim Sdn. Bhd. has just announced on the press release of 308cc that they will launch 3 Peugeot models for 2011 with the 308cc to be launched on Jan 6 2011. So what would be the next 2 models that are going to be launch by Nasim Sdn, Bhd for 2011? Well lucky you readers of Auto Insider Malaysia, I have been informed from a reliable sources that the models that are going to be launch are the Peugeot RCZ and also most probably the Peugeot 408 or the T73 project.

The 308cc was supposed to be launch during the KLIMS 2010 together with Peugeot 5008 but because of unknown reason, the launch of 308cc was delayed to 6th of January 2011. The next two models that I have mentioned above the RCZ was rumoured to be launched in June 2011 with the last model the T73 or Peugeot 408 which recently said to be launched in early 2012 might be launched earlier than expected in the last quarter of 2011.

So far to my knowledge there is already 1 unit of Peugeot RCZ here in Malaysia with Grey body colour that was belong the none the other Nasim CEO SM Nasarudin. A look at Peugeot’s website the RCZ features three powertrain choices mainly the 1.6THP 16v 200BHP, the 1.6THP 16v 156BHP and the 2.0HDi FAP 16v 163BHP. Most likely the engine choice that might see the day on Malaysian roads will be the 1.6THP (Price engine) twin scroll high pressure turbo of with 156BHP with a massive 240Nm of torque mated to a six speed manual gearbox or an optional 6 speed automatic. I think for the Malaysian market, most probably Nasim will bring the 6 speed manual as the choice of transmission here in Malaysia.

As for the 408, there has been a lot of news about the T73 project or the Peugeot 408 for this C segment model that would certainly shake some of the dominance from the Japanese marque where I personally think Nasim Sdn. Bhd will price the 408 somewhere in the regions of RM 110,000 to RM 120, 000 price bracket that would undercut and eat some share from the Japanese car makers. The Peugot 408 is also powered with the same engine that was found on the Peugeot 308 were the 408 shares the same platform with its siblings. So there’s goes the glimpse of future product offering from Nasim Sdn. Bhd. and I do hope these piece of news would become a reality.


  1. i really want 107 here
    any chance?

  2. Im not so sure nate.i can try to ask whether there is any possibility of Nasim Sdn Bhd to bring in this car


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