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Monday, December 13, 2010

Proton Saga FL to be launch on 15th December 2010!!!

The much anticipated Proton Saga facelift which was caught numerous times in the cyber space which includes in my blog clan Funtasticko will be launch soon. How soon, as I have been commented at Funtasticko blog, your agony will be over this Wednesday 15th of December 2010. This will be the last Proton car to be launched this year and the much anticipated Proton Saga will be officially unveiled here in Malaysia. Based on the previous rumours from my sources, the car supposed to be launched during the press day of KLIMS 2010, but this has been postponed to later date for an unknown reasons. Instead of launching the car, Proton has decided to show us a concept car based on the latest Saga facelift dubbed “Proton Kasturi”.

The facelifted Saga, as shown on the image will be known as Proton Saga FL. With a much sportier front end look, and a refresh design to the rear end, this new Proton Saga FL has been targeted to capture a much higher sales compared to the previous model with most of the changes can be seen on the Highline or Premium line model. The Highline model will received 4 powered windows instead of only 2 power windows and also the will be dual front airbags which is a very much welcome features as compared to the model it replaced. Besides that, the turn indicator has been move up from the fender to the side mirror and this turn indicator features LED lights and the design was a carry over design from the Proton Persona Elegence side turn mirror indicators.

That’s not all, for all models, the radio has been upgraded to be able to play MP3/WMA files with sources can be played from just the CD but now with the AUX input and also USB inputs. All the audio features can be control on the steering wheel via audio switches but the steering wheel audio switches is only limited to the Premium line model. In terms of fabric, the design has been refresh to a much modern looking rather than a plain uninspiring look for the pre facelift model. As I have mention earlier, the most differences can be seen on the Premium version, this is also includes a new refresh design of the alloy wheels. The rim still sports a 14 inches though where a 15 inches wheels will be a much desired for a complete overall makeover.

As for the engine, there are no changes to the power or to the torque of the car. It is still will be powered by the Campro IAFM engine spotting the same 4 speed automatic transmission and Aichikikai 5 speed manual transmission. The last changes are the colour palette. Proton will be introducing 2 new colour palettes for the Proton Saga FL which is the Blue Rock and also Cafe Latte. These two new colours will join the rest of other favourite colours the Tranquillity Black, Genetic Silver, Solid White and Granite Grey. In terms of prices, so far there is no firm information about this, but do the maths by adding up another RM 2,000 to RM 3,000 from the current Premium Line price for the new Saga FL Premium Line. Now the agony is over. Let’s watch it live this Wednesday at your nearest Proton Edar outlets. Before that, enjoy the rest of the pics after the jump.

pics source: Funtasticko Design and Paultan.

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