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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Watch out the latest coverage of KLIMS 2010 on Auto Insider Malaysia soon!!

I'm sure there is a lot of petrol head out there could not wait to get their feet into the PWTC exhibition halls tomorrow for the KLIMS 2010. I was there today to cover the launches of various car maker such as the launch of Nissan 370Z roadster, the launch of Kia Sorento SUV, Maserati Grand Cabrio, Peugeot 5008, the concept cars from Mitsubishi the i-MiEV Sport Air and PX-MiEV, the Hyudai MD Avante, the facelift Santa Fe and also the the concepts cars from Hyundai. Sadly my broadband connection from the "Strong, Wider and Faster by the day" failed me today with the broadband connection was so slow which even makes me impossible to upload a photo. Thus I'm so sorry for not been able to upload the latest story and also the pictures of the event. I hope I can update the story plus the pics gallery once the problem has been resolved. Like a wise man said “Better late than never". So stay tune for the latest update once I manage to overcome the broadband problem.

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