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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Peugeot Sochaux of France rolls out 20 Millionth car


Honour goes to a 5008

In conjunction with its bicentenary year, Automobiles Peugeot recently rolled out its 20 millionth car at its historic Sochaux plant in France with the honour going to a Peugeot 5008 MPV.

The Sochaux plant currently produces 1,765 vehicles daily comprising of 734 units of the 308, 651 units of the 3008 and 380 units of the 5008.

The award-winning 5008 MPV was recently launched by Nasim on Dec 3. Nasim has set an initial sales target of 100 units a month for the 5008 MPV.

The Sochaux plant in France was established in 1912 and began producing trucks followed by shells during World War One. It began car production in 1921. It is the biggest manufacturing facility in France with 11,800 employees.

Production at the Sochaux plant is expected to reach 360,000 units by end-2010 while the total output in 2011 is forecast to reach 400,000 units.

In 2008, the plant had the honour of manufacturing the 50 millionth Peugeot (combined from production sites). As at end-October, a total of 55.66 million Peugeot vehicles have been produced worldwide.

The seven-seater 5008 is a new interpretation of the MPV and sets itself apart from its competitors in terms of power, luxury, comfort, practicality and safety.

With an on-the-road price of RM159,888 in Malaysia, the front of the 5008 features attractive profiled headlamps, a steeply plunging bonnet, a chrome-detailed grille and 17-inch alloy rims to exude both a sporty and premium appeal.

The vehicle’s profile portrays an elegant styling line which begins at rear door before accentuating on the wing and passing onto the rear to add a touch of dynamism the 5008’s side profile.

Inside, the 5008, features a luxurious interior equipped with avant-garde technologies and exemplary modularity. The overall ambience in the 5008 is enhanced as a result of its stunning 18 sq ft panoramic glass roof and plush leather interior.

The instrument panel in the 5008 is extended by the design of the elegant centre console with a flowing design to focus around the needs of the driver.

Technology and entertainment is a key characteristic of the 5008’s interior with the inclusion of two seven-inch LCD screens located in the front seat head restraints, two Bluetooth wireless headsets and a connection console which can be connected to a DVD player or video-gaming consoles.

The 5008, which was awarded MPV of the Year by the UK’s What Car? Green Car of the Year Awards 2010, features a head-up display unit (HUD) which displays essential driving information such as speed, cruise control/speed limiter and Distance Alert.

Distance Alert is a technology which assists the driver in ensuring the 5008 is within a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. This technology is made possible by a radar located behind the lower front bumper panel which measures the time in seconds between the vehicle in front and then transmits this data to the HUD. This non-intrusive alert system, which can be set between 0.9 seconds and 2.5 seconds, will alert the driver if the 5008 gets too close to the vehicle in front.

Underneath the hood of the 5008 is a 1.6-litre twin scroll turbo high pressure engine with direct petrol injection which produces 156 hp and 240 Nm of torque. This award-winning engine is mated to a six-speed transmission with Triptronic capabilities and a sport mode for increased performance.

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