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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A glimpse of Proton future product offering

On the 8pm news today, Proton MD, has indicated that the new Persona R is on the card and will hit the road soon. All of us the car enthusiast already know about this piece of news and there is no secret that the Persona R has been featured as Proton Tuah Concept during the KLIMS 2010. Well lets us seat back and imagine the car that will be rolled out from Proton next year. From my sources, next year would be a very busy year from Proton with a numbers of new cars that will be launch.

The first car that will be launch is the Proton Satria Neo RS Edition that was caught uncovered recently. You can head down to this blog post for the news about the Neo RS. Next up is the Proton Exora FL i.e. Exora Face Lift. As you can see, when Proton starts to roll out MC (Minor Change) or SE (Special Edition) that is the indication that a new complete refresh model will be out soon. For the Exora FL, so far there is no clear indication what will be change, it’s been a real secret. Sources stating that the car might be rolled out in April next year and the most noticeable changes would be the use of Campro CFE Turbo engine with CVT gearbox. This is no secret as Proton engineers have been explaining this piece of news during the KLIMS 2010 recently. This new engine from Proton will be complemented by Campro IAFM+ with CVT gearbox that will be features during the Phase 2 for SAGA FL. This is also has been informed to us by Proton’s MD during the launch of SAGA FL yesterday.

The next car that will be launch next year, would probably be the Inspira MC1 with some design change with more localizes part as what has been informed to us by Dato MD during the launch of Inspira. In order for Proton to export the Inspira, the agreement between Proton and MMC is that, Proton should change the design that would differentiate the design of Proton and MMC so that it will not fight on the same ground. The next car would be the Electric drive train car i.e. full electric or Range Extended EV cars. The car would go for Fleet Vehicle Test for government official next year and this is piece of news also has been widely spread on the internet.

The next model that I will inform you all will be the Persona R. This car has been rumoured to be launch in the beginning of 2012 and for the car enthusiast out there, get your camera’s ready to shoot some spy shot as Proton will start testing its car next year around the roads across Malaysia and most probably some part of the world as Persona R has been dubbed as Proton Global car. The next Proton Global Car would be the Proton EMAS, this is also has been widely talk that the car will be launch in 2012 most probably will replace the Proton Savvy.

That’s the glimpse of Proton future offering. Excited, for me that’s for sure. Let’s see the full transformation of Proton as they embark to a new bold journey ahead.      


  1. wow..great info..hopefully Persona R is much better than Tuah..i heard somebody has seen the real one, he said Persona R it's not Tuah & looks very "mengancam"... maybe that's why DSZ give the task to ItalDesign, to design a "wow factor" & good looking car to stand out in global market

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  3. Yup prodas no problem nak join n promote ur website dlm blog saya.saya harap blog saya pun dapat dipromote dlm website prodas n share all information or insides dlm auto industry as blog clan


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