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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A very simple explanation of Extended Range Electric Vehicle concept brought to you by GM!!

All of us have heard and know that the electric car era is upon us and some of us stills confuse about pure electric vehicles, extended range electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Well there are actually a lot of differences between all of these technologies. Luckily the guys from GM have produce a simple layman kind of video to explain what is the Extended Range Electric Vehicles by demoing the Chevy Volt. Based on the really simple to understand video, well now you will have an idea how Proton Exora Range Extended Electric Vehicle that won the electric drive competition in the UK recently works. For pure electric car, the simple answer for that is the car runs purely by supplying the motor from a fully charge battery. When the battery runs out of juice, there goes your drive. The car that runs on this system is Nissan Leaf.
As for Hybrid cars, you can easily understand that a Hybrid car is actually a Petrol car which needs assistant from an electric motor to provide further fuel consumption and also runs with less Co2 emission. There are a few systems of Hybrid car such as Series Hybrid, Parallel Hybrid and Series-Parallel Hybrid. You can Google around to find out more details about this Hybrid System. Examples of Hybrid car are Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda CRZ and Honda Insight that was launched recently.

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