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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Proton Pahlawan Series!!!

Shown above are the infamous Pahlawan series from Proton stables. You maybe have seen numerous pics of the Pahlawan series; let me add in the pictures that I have manage to shoot during the press day of KLIMS 2010. As you all may know, the Proton Tuah concept is essentially the soon to be launch Proton Persona R. Based on the inside info that I got, the design of the Tuah compared to the real Persona R does not differ much. The only difference is the front end design of the front grill which the Tuah design looks more radical compared to the finalize version.

The side profile of the car does not differ much from the production design, but the rear end design is different from what we have seen on KLIMS. As usual, concepts car does not mean it will be on the market as it is, so does the Tuah. What Proton did, is the preview the design to the public, gauge the interest of its design, and maybe amend the design that does not involved major engineering structure such as crash test and also design for manufacture.

Next up is the Jebat series which essentially the Proton Inspira with a vengeance. This is also a concept display which I think only stays at KLIMS as rumours has been circulating that Mitsubishi Motors will not allow Proton to produce such design that will eclipse the design of its Lancer Evolution X. Well since this is only a concept, why not the Inspira customers out there dress up their car like this. I’m sure within a month or two; this body kit design will be out available from the accessories shop near your neighbourhood.

Next Pahlawan brother is the Proton Lekiu which is essentially the Proton CUV, with hint of design from the Exora. There is no info about this CUV yet whether this model would see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the months back, we have heard Proton is reviewing some proposal to build an SUV dubbed “The Iguana Project”, maybe what we have seen here is the fruitful of the project, or maybe this is something else. I will definitely search for some info about this project. The next brother is the Proton Kasturi, with the Proton Saga facelift takes the centre stage as the Pahlawan brothers. Dress in black and white, the Kasturi concept preview to the public the design of the upcoming Proton Saga facelift. Why I said upcoming, well you have to wait a couple of days before the real McCoy features as showroom cars soon after the KLIMS 2010 shuts it curtain.

The last of Pahlawan series is the Proton Lekir which is essentially the Lotus Europa being rebadged as a Proton. So far for this model, there is no firm information regarding the Proton plan to bring this model as production model. Well maybe this might see Proton putting it into production, maybe utilising the Tanjung Malim plant access capacity and bring this car into a mass produce car concept. Rumoured to price under RM150, 000 if put into production, this model can be a very successful sports model for Proton line up when we know that this car is essentially a Lotus that is well known for its outright handling. Enjoy the pic gallery after the jump.


  1. i think Proton must do something to make Persona R more attractive & up to date design.. Tuah concept looks very "safe design", not aggresif like KIA/Hyundai latest model..hopefully this is not what Italdesign have their input in it..this is more Proton design style..btw this is my impression

  2. Yes your thought is same like me.i think proton persona r should look radical as what kia and hyundai did with their current design language.hopefully this development does not carry to other proton future model


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