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Monday, December 13, 2010

Proton's R3 division next project uncovered; The Proton Satria Neo R3 RS Edition

Wow this is one of the hottest news in town. From my blog clan Funtastikco, we have another round of spy shots coming from Proton. Now this time is the Proton Satria Neo RS which was said to be launched in a limited edition quantity. Based on the information from the blog, only 70 units of this car will be produced by Proton R3 division. Based on the spy pictures, I guess the car was shot on R3 production shop. When I ask my sources, this Neo RS was initially a stock Satria Neo being bought by R3 division to be added some further enhancement.

From the pictures we can see there is a new colour for the Neo RS and it features a black painted roof for a more sportier looking. The ICE setup looks like being taken from the same ICE unit from the Exora 25th Anniversary Edition that features an integrated GPS module and also a reverse view camera. There is also a push start button on the left side of the Instrument Panel which is the same as what we have seen on the Proton Neo Lotus Racing Edition.

Based on the information that I’ve got from my sources, the steering wheel of the Neo RS will differ from the standard Neo but it will look more like on the Neo Lotus Racing edition. The wheel design as seen on the car is not the final design, but the real design can be seen on R3 approved accessories wheels at Proton website that will feature the same 16 inches wheels. As being mention in Funtasticko blog, the car will have hp and torque upgrade with the numbers indicating 145hp and 168Nm of torque.

This bump of hp and torque was achieve by changing to R3 camshaft, crankshaft and water pump pulley set, R3 Clubsport ECU upgrades and R3 cat back exhaust system. The ride height of the car will be lowered with the use of R3 performance spring set minus the whole setup of Ohlin suspension as what we have seen on the Satria Neo Lotus Racing Edition. Targeted to be launched in the first quarter of next year, this car will kick start the range of exciting vehicles to be launch from the Proton stables next year which includes the Exora FL that will feature the turbo charged Campro CFE engine.


  1. *offtopic : is exora fl have major or only minor cosmetic changes bro?

  2. Well bro too early to tell la bro, even my sources does not know how the Exora FL looks like. Maybe we can see some glimpse of the car by Febuary or March next year I assume.


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