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Friday, July 16, 2010

Breaking News!! Peugeot 309 hot from the oven

We have seen the latest Peugeot 508 unveiled by the French company this week, now looks like the French lion is very busy with its product line up. A snatched spy shot published by AutoExpress UK, caught the successor to the 308 hatchback that sport the latest family grill originated from the Peugeot SR1 concepts shown at Geneva Motor Show and also the new Peugeot 508.

This new car will be call the 309 and this is one of 14 new cars that going to be rolled out from the Lion brand factory within the next five years. Even though we have seen the car leaking on the internet, the real production version will not hit the dealers till 2013 and currently Peugeot is busy working on to improved its fuel consumption and also its emission to meet the tougher Euro Emission standard.

This new 309 will retain most of the current 308 overall shape, but it will sport the new design direction from the chief designer Gilles Vidal and it is possible this car will be called “3 by Peugeot” designed to gauge the public reaction to the new look of this car as what we have seen the version of “5 by Peugeot” at Geneva Motor Show. The new design features will include LED running lights, deep grooves along the hood and a subtle creases in the doors to bring up the design of the car apart from its newly design family face.

The power train that is likely to power the cars will be the 1.4 liter and 1.6 liter HDi diesels with a new Peugeot e-HDI Start&Stop system will be a prominent feature in the range. Besides that, the bosses of Lion brand also hinted by 2013 all of its oil burner cars will use a “microhybrid” green technology

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