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Friday, July 16, 2010

Citroën concepts going for production!!!

Last week there has been report that Citroën has finally put an end to the rumors of producing the GTbyCitroën concept by confirming that they will not produce the radical car. Looks like we can be overjoyed when inside sources within Citroën has confirmed that they are working on to bring two more recent concepts into production.

The two concepts that I have mentioned above would be the Survolt concept and also the Metropolis concept. According to reports, Citroën is currently evaluating on its idea of having producing the electric car as a limited production and even a sport version one make racing series.

The next concepts that would become a reality would be the Metropolis concept where this model will be segmented into its D9 nameplate in the company’s premium line up.

Enjoy the pics of both concepts after the jump.

Citroën Survolt

Citroën Metropolis

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