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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Proton Exora MC 1 to be launch tomorrow!!!

Remember readers of Auto Insider Malaysia that I’m going to reveal when will be the Exora MC1 going to be launch. Apparently, this blog post has revealed a Proton Edar dealer already displaying the car even it is not launch yet.

Since it’s already out to the public to see, let me reveal when it will be launch. According to my sources, the Exora MC1 will be launch tomorrow, 15th of July 2010. It will carry an additional price of RM1500.00 but it has come with a few additional features.

On the exterior, there will be a new ten spoke alloy wheels that looks way better than the current standard Exora rims. I can say the design of the wheel makes the overall appearance of the wheels looks larger as if it is a 17 inch alloy wheel, but infect it is only 16 inch as before. Besides that, there will be full body kit i.e. sides skirts, front skirt and rear skirt plus spoiler that transform the Exora to a much sportier design.

As for the interior, the changes are minimal with the dashboard now sports darker schemes in hue of grey black which is essentially the same as what we have seen on the Exora 25th Anniversary Special Edition. On the centre fascia of the dashboard, there is a new intricate design that elevates from a plain looking dashboard to a new much more luxurious looking. The darker schemes of the interior not only limited to the dashboard, but it has been carried to the seats and also the door trim. The seats are now features better profiles which are good for long journey and also hold you in place when you are feeling like to rev the engine hard unlike the older seat which is quite flat in design.

As for colours, there will be 1 new colour available for this Exora MC 1 which is called Plum Red. This new colour does makes the overall Exora design looks much more sportier and I assume this will be one of the colour of choice for potential buyers of the Exora MC 1. So what’s holding you back, head down to the nearest showroom of Proton Edar tomorrow and see it for yourself, who knows, you might be driving the car on your way back to balik kampung this Hari Raya.

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